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08:25 am: internal musings and memos to his staff, then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld argued that Musli - 1 Dreams
09:01 am: Blackwater Mounts a Defense With Top Washington Talent
09:27 am: Five good news, resources, and upcoming events
10:28 am: U.S. Diplomats in Uproar Over Mandatory Iraq Assignments
11:44 am: Ms. Stein’s body was found face down in the living room in a pool of blood, the police said. She was
12:37 pm: Eliza Dushku will play Echo in the new show "Dollhouse
01:36 pm: Passive Aggressive [IMPORT] (2005) Nicola Hitchcock - 1 Dreams
02:38 pm: East meets West: Murakami with Gary Baseman & Tim Biskup… - 1 Dreams
04:18 pm: ethnomusic
10:12 am: Mr. Puryear, who was born in 1941 and grew up in Washington, D.C., is a former painter who emerged f
01:17 pm: Calling Iraq "the most important challenge," Crocker said joining the foreign service "does not mean
01:19 pm: CODEPINK Activist Barred from Capitol After Calling Rice “War Criminal”
01:21 pm: basically that's a potential death sentence and you know it
01:25 pm: Too often Muslims are against physical labor, so they bring in Koreans and Pakistanis while their yo - 1 Dreams
01:27 pm: Hiroshima Pilot Paul Tibbets Dead at 92
01:48 pm: Winehouse Appeals
01:51 pm: American Gangster
02:01 pm: The documentary “Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten” uses rare footage, interviews and even snipp
02:05 pm: Early in my childhood, when I was about six or seven, I began to get the feeling that there was some
02:09 pm: Aubrey de Grey, photographed at San Francisco's airport, created the Methuselah Foundation to suppor
02:16 pm: methuselah foundation
04:14 pm: zillowbook
04:18 pm: kikos house
04:25 pm: 2008 president elections
04:27 pm: moru tumblr
04:36 pm: 6degrees of casey serin
04:39 pm:
08:36 pm: Old habits die hard - 3 Dreams
01:27 pm:
01:41 pm: kerala articles - 1 Dreams
03:46 pm: Key Senators Back Mukasey Nomination
03:56 pm: From Works by Rinko Kawauchi at Cohan and Leslie Gallery in New York
04:04 pm: Drugs: The 'root cause' of homelessness?
10:04 am: 1960's Polaroid Pictures of Signs
11:07 am: HUMBOLDT'S WOOLY MONKEY Lagothrix lagotricha
11:29 am: Submersibles are used to ferry narcotics. Some in U.S. fear the tactic may inspire terrorists. - 1 Dreams
12:10 pm: The F.B.I.’s criminal profilers try to think their way into the head of the offender.
12:30 pm: Voodoo, meaning "spirit," may be one of the world's oldest ancestral, nature-honoring traditions. So
04:39 pm: - 1 Dreams
09:00 am: Lagos Calling: Nigerian punk fashion fantasy photoset
09:04 am: Pieter Hugo
09:07 am: Nick Knight is a British photographer and Director of He is known for his personal,
09:08 am: Malick Sidibé (born 1935 or 1936) is Malian photographer noted for his black-and-white studies of po
09:09 am: gallery 51
10:37 am: Calif. Court Considers Marijuana Use
11:01 am: Mushy: Handsome in Uniform
11:10 am: Alexandra", 2007 from POLYESTER
11:28 am: dominic vincent
12:09 pm: Ursula Andress
12:19 pm: Shock Doctrine” Author Naomi Klein on State-Sanctioned Torture and Disaster Response for the Chosen
12:33 pm: Rockin Jellybean
07:17 pm: Dr. John the Night Tripper & John Lanzillotto Bless Them All
08:54 pm:
09:31 pm: “No Country for Old Men”
11:19 am: Cheney Holds Up Release of Intelligence Report on Iran
11:23 am: How Blackwater Sniper Fire Felled 3 Iraqi Guards
11:44 am: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk
12:02 pm: Wallace Assailant Released From Prison
12:04 pm: Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in "No Country for Old Men." - 4 Dreams
12:13 pm: According to the woman’s account, her tempestuous relationship with Ms. Stein — a punk-rock pioneer
12:17 pm: no country for old men
12:28 pm: Jim Goldberg: The New Europeans
12:33 pm: Jim Goldberg
04:19 pm: 6 Paintings by Sergey Rimashevsky. From the impressive Art Collection of Zhiltsov in Belarus. More w
12:51 pm: Despite its prominence in Barnum lore, historians agree that he probably never said, “There’s a suck
01:53 pm:
02:01 pm: klimt
11:14 pm: laura mcphee
08:54 am: First, he says, the complaints reflect no understanding of the grip of alcoholism: Do you really thi
09:18 am: Richard Misrach
09:30 am: Javier Bardem - photos - Finlay MacKay
07:48 pm: Sifnos Island Greece Polaroid Photographs 1987
06:29 pm: A Homeless woman on Veteran's Day 1 in 4 Vets are Homeless
09:03 am: Jurists and civil rights organizations have long complained that the commission's guidelines mandate
09:08 am: if you were still in China you would be working in a factory for 14 hours a day with only limited ba - 1 Dreams
09:15 am: The American military finds new allies, but at what cost?
09:20 am: When the hydraulic rear hatch of the Bradley opened, I saw Iraqi and American soldiers running here
09:42 am: The economic costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are estimated to total $1.6 trillion -- rough
09:47 am: problems of daily living cannot be solved with a pill
10:00 am: Twenty-three-year-old Jack Ford—who frequently hosted notable visitors at the White House—poses for
10:06 am: The Liberation of Francis Ford Coppola” (December), Bruce Handy profiles the legendary filmmaker as
10:09 am: Padma
10:18 am: Javier Bardem, Celluloid’s Conquistador
10:52 am: Ricky Butler ~~
11:57 am: Rose
12:12 pm: kikos house
12:20 pm: BibliOdyssey: Amazing Archival Images from the Internet
01:06 pm: Deja Vu Waltz" Painting by Amy Crehore"Deja Vu Waltz" by Amy Crehore copyright 2007, oil painting on
02:04 pm: Radiohead to Sell an ‘In Rainbows’ CD - 1 Dreams
11:49 am: Poll: Most Believe Bush Committed Impeachable Offenses
12:00 pm: Paul McDonough: New York City, 1968-1972
01:04 pm: And Wednesday evening, Sotheby's is selling "Hanging Heart," a 3,500-pound, glossy magenta, stainles
01:35 pm: Prince in front of the burned-out Second House, which he had donated to the Guggenheim in 2005.
01:49 pm: As Prince went from success to success in the downtown art world of the late 80s and early 90s, he b
06:22 pm: two standout paintings by Francis Bacon in which Sotheby’s had invested some $60 million in guarante
06:57 pm: A Sound-Bite Culture
10:50 pm: Bill Richardson won the debate
12:52 pm: Life After Rehab
01:27 pm: What Is Addiction?
01:58 pm: The Fall of the House of Bush: The Untold Story of How a Band of True Believers Seized the Executive
02:20 pm: Richard Prince: Spiritual America
02:34 pm: Amy Winehouse - 1 Dreams
02:40 pm: MILTON ROGOVIN: BUFFALO’ The case of the Jewish optometrist Milton Rogovin is a sobering reminder of
02:48 pm: A 21-year-old man has been accused of using a toad to get high
02:58 pm: Honey Potter
03:02 pm: VenusWept - 1 Dreams
03:10 pm: Modmania
03:32 pm: The gifted Bardem is dopey as the lovesick Florentino Daza (played by Ugalde in early scenes). He ke
03:45 pm: During the early seventies, when for a sable-coat-wearing, Superfly-strutting instant of urban time
03:48 pm: The way he was going, Frank figures, it took Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson, the most famous of all Harle
03:49 pm: For Lucas, the inevitable came on January 28, 1975, when an NYPD/DEA strike force, acting on a tip f - 1 Dreams
03:55 pm: Back in the early seventies, there were many "brands" of dope in Harlem. Tru Blu, Mean Machine, Coul
10:09 pm: Lit up 12 + U streets NW WDC - 1 Dreams
11:46 am: Street Life Photographs Washington DC - 2 Dreams
08:33 pm: A Must Read: Uri Avnery on Annapolis
08:38 pm: Middle East trip - Jewish Cemetary, the Wall, Amman Jordan, Al-Aksa Mosque, Settler's road, Palestin
09:46 pm: earning an Oscar nomination for its star, Javier Bardem. And “The Diving Bell” has been even more wi
09:43 am: Bush to refrain from using the phrase ''Islamic fascists'' on grounds it was offensive to Muslims, T
11:37 am: Senate Bill to Order Troop Withdrawal Fails
11:43 am: No, But We Saw the Movie - 3 Dreams
11:59 am: Skaffs
12:41 pm: Nicolas de l'Armessin and his Costumes Grotesques
01:12 pm: JOE SORREN’s VIP preview party for his solo “While the Trucks on the Highway all Howl” show at BILLY
02:27 pm: The Big Lebowski: Are you employed, sir? The Dude: Employed? The Big Lebowski: You don't go out look
03:22 pm: Daisy Fletcher
03:43 pm: Sam Glynn - 1 Dreams
04:04 pm: Warren Buffett on the Estate Tax - 1 Dreams
08:17 am: Juan Cole, Combating Muslim Extremism (The Nation)
08:38 am: First Firefox 3 Beta ready for download
08:45 am:
10:46 am: Last week's debate ended with Senator Hillary Clinton being asked whether she preferred diamonds or
11:01 am: For Freud, denial was a defense against external realities that threaten the ego, and many psycholog
01:27 pm: Amy Winehouse's 2003 debut, "Frank," was a U.K.-only release that came out back before all the hue a
03:06 pm: 650 lifer law," which required life sentences for anyone convicted of crimes involving 650 grams or
03:11 pm: Tsurunoyu Onsen in Japan's Akita Prefecture
10:23 am: Rami Khouri: "The vital need for unity" (IHT)]
12:22 pm: Plans for Direct U.S. Intervention in Pakistan* - 2 Dreams
03:22 pm: hi fructose
03:45 pm: Ian Smith, Defiant Symbol of White Rule in Africa, Is Dead at 88
03:52 pm: © MURAKAMI. Works by Takashi Murakami at MOCA - The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. "...Fea
03:54 pm: THROCKMORTON FINE ART is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of photographs by the self-taught art
04:13 pm: Ex-Press Aide Links Bush, Cheney to Plame Outing
04:18 pm: Las fotografías de Katie West son, en su mayoría, autorretratos de carácter intimista y de sobrada s
04:24 pm: Chastened by his experience as a recovering alcoholic, Clapton writes in a restrained, self-critical
10:55 am: Milton Viorst on the Lebanon Crisis--LATimes
10:59 am: The Reality of Israeli Settlements
11:00 am: Humor: A new Canadian problem
12:23 pm: Oswald still did it — it simultaneously changes everything, if only because it disrupts the state of
09:13 am: 'The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush.' It's a beautiful, vintage styled pinup calendar. Each gir - 1 Dreams
11:10 am: DJ Spooky has posted an incredibly lovely, Africa-themed mixfile. He explains...
11:13 am: George Jones... Why Baby Why (1955, Starday 45-202 .mp3 audio 02:18).
11:24 am: There was a lot of horse-trading going on, and the pharmaceutical companies implied they would also
01:28 pm: Josef Vondrka, the head of a drug clinic in Jesenik, said more than 17,000 clean needles had been gi
02:23 pm: danger dame
02:33 pm: Ice Woman
02:44 pm: Yue Minjun
02:54 pm: Imperfect Union, a solo exhibit of new works by Shepard Fairey. This show displays a provocative col
03:04 pm: Christophe Gilbert
03:36 pm: Half these dudes dropped out of junior high,” he said, pointing to several friends standing with him
03:45 pm: David Field
04:07 pm: We learned Tuesday that former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's upcoming book blames th
08:14 am: William Pfaff on Thanksgiving
08:29 am: VOA report on CNI delegation's trip to ME
08:35 am: Rami Khouri on Annapolis
08:48 am: Munib al-Masri's new Palestinian party (AP-Haaretz)
05:08 pm:
05:28 pm: That success changed the filmmaker’s life. He was nominated to the Directors Guild and won a Peabody
07:05 pm: Hope Sandoval
07:07 pm: Henry Siegman on Annapolis (NYReview)
03:06 pm: More on Annapolis: Francis Boyle on missing PLO and List of Invitees
03:32 pm: This eclectic group of around 50 homeless and disadvantaged men and women, have come together to cre
04:43 pm: Psychiatrists frequently have to switch medications because of side effects or lack of effectiveness - 2 Dreams
07:17 pm: I love those guys, just like every other actor,” he said of the Coen brothers, who wrote and directe
09:09 am: collection of rave flyers from Idaho, circa 1992-1995
11:40 am: One in 20 city residents is thought to have HIV and 1 in 50 residents to have AIDS, the advanced man
11:46 am: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain Linked to Gitmo Flights
11:52 am: André Kertész: Elizabeth and Me at Stpephen Daiter Gallery. "...Taken in Kertész's apartment just no
11:59 am: Robert Fisk reporting from Beirut
12:50 pm: Some Optimism from Uri Avnery--11/24/07
02:41 pm: Natalia Fabia
02:52 pm: Xavi Moya
03:00 pm: But Daniel continued to struggle with his illness, and it ultimately led to his suicide in 1997.
03:39 pm: Graça Loureiro Offical
03:52 pm: stella mccartney
04:34 pm: What do we eat when we eat meat?
07:17 pm: Marwan Bishara: "Short on peace, long on process" (ALJAZEERA)
09:39 am: Of the 3,269 HIV cases identified between 2001 and 2006, 37 percent were spread through heterosexual
12:45 pm: Lott Steps Down Before Lobby Rules Take Effect
12:58 pm: On Annapolis -- A Missed Opportunity
03:12 pm: The District of Columbia has the highest rate of AIDS infection of any city in the country and the d
04:23 pm: Annapolis -- Reviving the "Roadblock
09:23 am: Photographs by Kike Arnal
10:49 am: The Mutter also has a historic archive of medical photographs, most of which have never been shown p - 2 Dreams
12:10 pm: Israelis, Palestinians Open U.S.-Backed Conference With Vague Statement on Timeline, Goals
12:13 pm: Suit: Blackwater Guards Defied Orders
12:24 pm: Jump on the Peace Train
12:31 pm: the diving bell and the butterfly
03:34 pm: The End of America”: Feminist Social Critic Naomi Wolf Warns U.S. in Slow Descent into Fascism - 1 Dreams
03:47 pm: Sandy Skoglund...
03:58 pm: jessica dimmock
04:19 pm: Our friend RU Sirius has published two intriguing calls to action on his blog, 10 Zen Monkeys:
06:37 pm: another celeb and NA
06:47 pm: We had champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, whipped cream. It was very romantic."
03:56 pm: Why AIPAC Took Over Brookings - by Grant F. Smith
04:59 pm: Before Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, right, played for the Knicks with Walt Frazier, left in this 1973 ph
05:22 pm: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” and “The Savages.”
07:22 pm: lina-bertucci
07:44 pm: Bertucci’s photographs combine the natural and the psychological in an eerie and poetic manner. Alte
08:54 pm: An artistic couple: Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.
07:52 am: The One State Declaration
08:29 am: Art and Soul
08:40 am: crooked brains
09:05 am: Let there be art
11:53 am: I got one more high left in me... - 1 Dreams
03:34 pm: The most thoughtful commentaries I have read on Annapolis have come
03:36 pm: Grasp the Promise of Annapolis
04:27 pm: Daniel Levy on Annapolis--No. 3- -11/28/07
06:04 pm: Annapolis, "Potemkin Village" of Peace--Le Monde Diplomatique 11/25/07
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