September 5th, 2007

Chris Keeley

State and Developer Finish Deal for Resort in Catskills

This is tragic...It will cause more damage to the pristine Area than ever imagined....
It's Corrupt...Chris K.

Thought you might be interested if you haven't seen this ~ Michal

September 5, 2007
State and Developer Finish Deal for Resort in Catskills

After a seven-year legal and political battle over the fate of some of the
most environmentally sensitive land in New York State, Gov. Eliot Spitzer is
expected to announce an agreement today to allow an upstate entrepreneur to
build a resort with two hotels, a golf course and 259 residences within 20
miles of two of New York City¹s largest reservoirs.

The $400 million project is substantially smaller than the developer¹s
original plan, which would have been one of the largest developments in the
New York City watershed and sprawled over nearly 2,000 acres of prime
Catskill woodlands.

The modified proposal has won the support of New York City officials and
several local and national environmental groups, which had long opposed the
original plan because of its environmental impact in the Catskills.

Under the agreement, the developer has agreed to restrict all construction
to 620 acres on the western side of his land and to sell most of the eastern
portion ‹ more than 1,200 acres of pristine forest ‹ to the Trust for Public
Land, a national nonprofit organization, for about $14 million. The trust
would then sell the land back to the state, and it would become protected
forest preserve.

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