August 15th, 2007

Chris Keeley

Walt-Mearsheimer Censored Again

[This comes from a worthy correspondent, not from me. But it needs to
receive wide circulation.]

August 14, 2007

*'This One Is So Hot': The Censorship of Walt and Mearsheimer*

I now have a copy of the letter John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt sent
to the board of the Chicago Global Affairs Council after it cancelled
their September appearance there under political pressure. The letter
follows, below.

A couple of comments. This is a sad business. Two distinguished profs
who have both spoken at the Council before are disinvited
regretfully/squeamishly by a respected professional friend, and informed
that they might only speak if someone else comes to counter their
statements. The old "context" argument used against Rachel Corrie and
everyone else. Your views are too toxic to be heard unless we "balance"

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