August 10th, 2007

Chris Keeley

Pilot of Enola Gay Interview by Studs Terkel

Sid Wugalter submitted the following:
Here's a bit of American history yet to reach the history books -- an interview by Studs Terkel with Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the B-29 that dropped the first atom bomb. It's fascinating.


Studs Terkel: We're seated here, two old gaffers. Me and Paul Tibbets, 89 years old, brigadier-general retired, in his home town of Columbus, Ohio, where he has lived for many years.

Paul Tibbets: Hey, you've got to correct that. I'm only 87. You said 89.

Studs Terkel: I know. See, I'm 90. So I got you beat by three years.

Now we've had a nice lunch, you and I and your companion. I noticed as we sat in that restaurant, people passed by. They didn't know who you were. But once upon a time, you flew a plane called the Enola Gay over the city of Hiroshima, in Japan, on a Sunday morning - August 6 1945 - and a bomb fell. It was the atomic bomb, the first ever. And that particular moment changed the whole world around. You were the pilot of that plane.

Paul Tibbets: Yes, I was the pilot.

Studs Terkel: And the Enola Gay was named after...

Paul Tibbets: My mother. She was Enola Gay Haggard before she married my dad, and my dad never supported me with the flying - he hated airplanes and motorcycles. When I told them I was going to leave college and go fly planes in the army air corps, my dad said, "Well, I've sent you through school, bought you automobiles, given you money to run around with the girls, but from here on, you're on your own. If you want to go kill yourself, go ahead, I don't give a damn" Then Mom just quietly said, "Paul, if you want to go fly airplanes, you're going to be all right." And that was that.

Studs Terkel: Where was that?

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Chris Keeley

Grouper 9/8/2007

Grouper 9/8/2007

That was around 15Kg (30lbs) - caught yesterday and will be eaten soon!!
Photographs by Themis and Chris K. with Ted's digital Sony Pix
This fish eluded capture the first time around.