June 21st, 2007

Chris Keeley

The only realistic choice remaining will be the one between a single democratic, secular state offer

From the Los Angeles Times

West chooses Fatah, but Palestinians don't

They prefer Hamas, which represents an alternative to Fatah's acceptance of the Israeli occupation.
By Saree Makdisi
SAREE MAKDISI, a professor of English and comparative literature at UCLA, writes often about the Middle East.

June 20, 2007

IN THE WEST, there's a huge sense of relief. The Hamas-led government that has been causing everyone so much trouble has been isolated in Gaza, and a new government has been appointed in the West Bank by the "moderate," peace-loving Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas.

So why then do Palestinians not share in the relief? Well, for one thing, the old government had been democratically elected; now it has been dismissed out of hand by presidential fiat. There's also the fact that the new prime minister appointed by Abbas — Salam Fayyad — has the support of the West, but his election list won only 2% of the votes in the same election that swept Hamas to victory. Fayyad and Abbas have the support of Israel, but it is no secret that they lack the backing of their own people.

There is a reason the people threw out Abbas' Fatah party in last year's election. Palestinians see the leading Fatah politicians as unimaginative, self-serving and corrupt, satisfied with the emoluments of power.

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Chris Keeley

HacKer HaT!

HacKer HaT!

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HacKer HaT!
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Dead Can Dance’s North American Tour of 2005.


Listen to The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove from The Music Center at Strathmore in Washington DC on 10 October 2005. 

Disc One
1. Nierika | Montreal 4 October
2. Saffron | Montreal 2 October
3. Compassion | Montreal 2 October
4. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove | Washington DC 10 October
5. The Love That Cannot Be | Toronto 1 October
6. The Lotus Eaters | Washington DC 10 October
7. Crescent | Washington DC 10 October
8. Minus Sanctus | Toronto 1 October
9. Saltarello | Boston 5 October
10. The Wind That Shakes the Barley | Montreal 4 October
11. How Fortunate The Man with None | Toronto 1 October

Disc Two
1. Dreams Made Flesh | Montreal 2 October
2. I Can See Now | Montreal 2 October
3. American Dreaming | Montreal 2 October
4. Sanvean | Seattle 18 September
5. Rakim | Boston 5 October
6. Black Sun | Chicago 12 October
7. Salem's Lot | Seattle 17 September
8. Yulunga | Chicago 12 October
9. Severance | Chicago 12 October
10. Hymn For The Fallen | Chicago 12 October

Chris Keeley

you are depressed and see a psychiatrist who explains that you have clinical depression and would be

you are depressed and see a psychiatrist who explains that you have clinical depression and would benefit from an antidepressant. 

Recent evidence shows that a small number of depressed adolescents and young adults experience an increase in suicidal feelings and thoughts when they are treated with S.S.R.I.’s, compared with a placebo. It is entirely possible that a genetic variation in one or more genes that regulate serotonin function makes these people feel briefly more suicidal, rather than less, when exposed to the drugs. 

This new field of pharmacogenomics will also enable psychiatrists to predict which drugs might produce toxic side effects for certain patients. Nearly all drugs are metabolized by a group of enzymes that vary greatly in activity from person to person. If patients have a genetic mutation that results in either deficient enzyme activity or none, they would be likely to have serious side effects if exposed to the drug that is metabolized by the enzyme.

Within a few years, patients could be routinely screened for these genetic variations, which will tell a doctor which drugs to avoid. This could potentially prevent unnecessary drug toxicity, a major cause of illness and death.

Chris Keeley

Kaitai shinsho

Kaitai shinsho 

Johann Adam Kulmus... Kaitai shinsho (Tōbu [Edo]: Suharaya Ichibē shi, An'ei 3 [1774]). "...Kaitai shinsho is considered to be the first Western book published in Japan in the Japanese language. It was also a large step in the development of European medicine in Japan, mainly because it called into question the Chinese anatomical theories of Japan's kampō medicine.

While the majority of the woodcut illustrations are from Kulmus' work, a few are from different sources. The introductory illustration featuring Adam and Eve is taken from the title page of Juan Valverde de Amusco's Vivae imagines partium corporis humani, published by Christopher Plantin in Antwerp in 1572. The final four images showing the tendons of the hands and feet are taken from Govand Bidloo's Ontleding des menschelyken lichaams, published in Amsterdam in 1690." From Historical Anatomies on the Web at the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Chris Keeley

Clinton Booed for Iraq Remarks

Clinton Booed for Iraq Remarks
In Washington, Senator Hillary Clinton was met with a hostile audience for the second year in a row in a speech at the “Take Back America” conference.

    Sen. Hillary Clinton: "The American military has done its job. Look what they accomplished. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. They gave the Iraqis a chance for free and fair elections. They gave the Iraqi government the chance to begin to demonstrate that it understood its responsibilities to make the hard political decisions necessary to give the people of Iraq a better future. So the American military has succeeded. It is the Iraqi government which has failed to make the tough decisions which are important for their own people.”
At that point boos were heard from the crowd as Clinton supporters tried to outcheer her critics. A spokesperson for the group CodePink said Clinton’s focus on the Iraqi government amounted to blaming the victim. Clinton was booed last year when she refused to support a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. 

Giuliani S.C. Campaign Treasurer Indicted on Coke Charges
More campaign woes for Rudy Giuliani. The treasurer of the former New York mayor’s South Carolina campaign has been indicted on charges of distributing cocaine. The treasurer, Thomas Ravenel, faces up to twenty years in prison.

CIA Legal Nominee Questioned on Torture Views
The Bush administration’s nominee for the top legal position at the CIA has revealed he supported the infamous 2002 Justice Department memo that said torture would not occur unless a prisoner experiences pain serious enough to cause organ failure or death. Speaking before the Senate Select Committee, John Rizzo also refused to publicly answer whether the CIA has transferred prisoners to countries using torture. Rizzo said he would answer the question in closed-session.

Carter: US-led Boycott of Palestinians “Criminal”
Meanwhile former President Jimmy Carter has weighed in on the Bush administration’s role in the current crisis. Speaking in Ireland, Carter said the US, Israel and the European Union are trying to divide the Palestinian people. Carter also called the administration’s refusal to accept Hamas’ election win last year “criminal.” He said: “The United States and Israel decided to punish all the people in Palestine and did everything they could to deter a compromise between Hamas and Fatah.”