June 13th, 2007

Chris Keeley

We’ll have to wait to see if David Chase, the Garbo of goombahs now pursued by a feral beast of disa

Even though I loved the first few years of “The Sopranos,” Mr. Chase always struck me as passive-aggressive. The more fans obsessed on his show, the longer his hiatuses would grow and the slower his narrative velocity moved. His ending was equally perverse, throwing the ball contemptuously back at his fans after manipulating them and teasing them for an hour with red herrings — and a ginger cat. 

A Tale of Two Tonys, Exiting Tormented


They’re both going out, not with a bang, but with a bing.

As they go dark, the two Tonys are bitter, paranoid and worn down by their enemies and scheming erstwhile allies. They both live in a bleak universe of half-truths, compromises and betrayals, a world changed utterly by the violence they set in motion. They were both brought low by high-stakes mistakes.

Tony Blair fears the feral beast. Tony Soprano is the feral beast.

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Chris Keeley

Feist, the indie-rock chanteuse from Canada

For “1234,” her current single, she asked the crowd to add some backing vocals: “Ba-da, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, that’s-your-part,” she sang. 

Audience Participation Welcome (but Shhh)

There are plenty of singers who inspire their fans to sing along. And then there is Feist, the indie-rock chanteuse from Canada. She is a restless polymath with a catalog of great songs and a voice like carved steam. At Town Hall on Monday, during the first of two sold-out shows, she encouraged audience participation, but no one seemed eager to drown her out. When Feist opens her mouth, there is only one reasonable reaction: shut up.

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