April 5th, 2007

Chris Keeley

Gary Kamiya: "Last Chance for Mideast Peace" (SALON

Gary Kamiya: "Last Chance for Mideast Peace" (SALON

TO: Distinguished Recipients
   FM: John Whitbeck

   Transmitted below is a very cogent and coherent analysis of the
   "last chance for Mideast peace".

   A significant portion is devoted to an interview with the estimable
   Henry Siegman.


   Last Chance for Mideast Peace

   While Bush and Olmert cling to their hard line, hope for an end to the

   Israeli-Palestinian conflict is slipping away forever.

   By Gary Kamiya

   Apr. 03, 2007 | George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

   are letting what could be the last, best opportunity to resolve the

   world's most dangerous conflict slip through their fingers. Unless both

   leaders somehow find the wisdom and vision to seize the moment, 2007

   be remembered as the year when the chance for a lasting peace between

   Israel and the Palestinians slipped away for the last time.

   Last week Saudi Arabia revived the Arab League's 2002 peace initiative.

   This offer, backed by every Arab country, offers a fair solution to the

   crisis. It is basically a land-for-peace deal along the lines of the

   Clinton parameters  and the 2003 Geneva accord. The rudiments of the

   plan are that Israel will return to its pre-1967 borders, with some

   territory swaps to be negotiated; a reasonable compromise will be

   out on the issue of refugees; and East Jerusalem will become the

   of Palestine, with Israel maintaining control over the Jewish holy

   and Jewish neighborhoods. Such a plan represents the only solution that

   will be acceptable to both sides. Essentially, the Arab states have

   Israel: Whatever you work out with the Palestinians will be
   agreeable to us.

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Chris Keeley

Fenty Renews Fight Against HIV-AIDS

Fenty Renews Fight Against HIV-AIDS
Mayor Promises Strong Effort, Plans to Pick New Agency Chief

By Susan Levine
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, April 5, 2007; B04


Mayor Adrian M. Fenty pledged yesterday to "put an end to this crisis" that is HIV-AIDS in the District, but he did not commit to declaring a state of emergency based on the city's levels of infection.

Fenty (D) held to his action plan for his first 100 days, which included yesterday's summit on the disease, attended by more than 150 health experts, community service providers and activists.

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Chris Keeley

Bush Appoints Swift Boat Donor To Ambassadorship

Bush Appoints Swift Boat Donor To Ambassadorship
In news from Washington, President Bush has appointed a controversial Republican fundraiser to become ambassador to Belgium. Bush gave Sam Fox a recess appointment a week after he withdrew Fox's nomination because of opposition from Democrats. During the 2004 campaign Fox donated $50,000 to the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth group that attacked the war service of Senator John Kerry. Democrats have expressed outrage over the appointment and questioned the legality of Bush's move.
Chris Keeley

Talking Sense About Iran--Op Ed in NYTimes 4/5/07

April 5, 2007
Op-Ed Contributors

 What We Can Learn From Britain About Iran


THROUGH the capture of and subsequent announcement that it would release
15 British sailors and marines, the Islamic Republic of Iran sent its
adversaries a pointed message: just as Iran will meet confrontation with
confrontation, it will respond to what it perceives as flexibility with
pragmatism. This message is worth heeding as the United States and Iran
seem to be moving inexorably toward conflict.

The timing of the Britons’ capture was no accident. The incident
followed the passage of a United Nations resolution censuring Iran for
its nuclear infractions, the dispatch of American aircraft carriers to
the Persian Gulf and the American sanctioning of Iranian banks. Although
the Bush administration has been busy proclaiming its increasingly
confrontational Iran policy a success, Tehran’s unsubtle conduct in the
Persian Gulf suggests otherwise.

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Chris Keeley



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