March 27th, 2007

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Historical Postcard Collection at the Princeton University Library. "...The Historical Postcard Coll

Historical Postcard Collection at the Princeton University Library. "...The Historical Postcard Collection documents the buildings and environs of the Princeton University campus in the form of picture postcards. Featuring both monochrome and color postcards , the bulk of the collection ranges in date from 1900 through the 1960s. Both unmarked and canceled postcards exist in the collection. Several postcard makers are represented in these materials."

Image of Blair Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, N. J.

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Kissinger Focus of Uruguay Extradition Request

Arab League to Revive Israel Peace Offer
The Arab League is set to announce the resumption of its five-year old peace offer to Israel. The proposal calls for full recognition in return for Israel’s withdrawal from the Occupied Territories. On Monday, Jordan’s King Abdullah called on the Israeli government to accept the deal.

    King Abdullah: "We must send a message to Israel that proves it carries the biggest responsibility towards attaining peace in the region and if it has the desire and honest intention to live in peace it should seek peace and accept the Arab peace initiative which guarantees Israel's people to live in security and peace alongside the peoples of the region
    Kissinger Focus of Uruguay Extradition Request
    In Uruguay, the family of a victim of the twelve-year US-backed dictatorship has asked for the extradition of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The victim, Bernardo Arnone, was arrested in 1976 and flown to Argentina where he was presumably executed. Arnone’s family says Kissinger was a key figure behind the Condor Plan, a pact between South American dictatorships to violently repress political dissidents. Uruguayan prosecutors are studying the request.
    Tillman Family Rejects Pentagon Probe into Shooting Death
    And finally, Pentagon investigators are recommending disciplinary action against nine officers involved in the initial probe into the death of former football star turned soldier Pat Tillman. Tillman was killed in Afghanistan after being shot by a fellow Army Ranger. The military initially said he died from an attack by Taliban fighters. The probe found the nine officers passed along misleading and inaccurate information and delayed reporting their belief Tillman was killed by friendly fire. The officers include four generals -- Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, retired Brigadier General Gary Jones, now-Brigadier General James Nixon and Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger. McChrystal is commander of the Joint Special Operations Command while Jones led a previous military investigation into Tillman’s death. Meanwhile investigators have also ruled out criminal negligence in Tillman’s shooting. Tillman’s family has rejected the findings. In a statement, the Tillman family called the investigation “shamefully unacceptable” and called for a Congressional probe.

    GOP to Rely on Bush Veto of Iraq Spending Bill
    On Capital Hill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced Republicans will not attempt to block the Democrats’ war spending bill that includes deadlines for a withdrawal from Iraq. McConnell says Republicans will rely on President Bush’s promise to veto the bill.

    Gonzales Aide Won’t Testify About Attorney Firings
    A top aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has announced she will take the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination when she testifies before a Senate hearing into the firing of the eight US attorneys. Monica Goodling serves as Gonzales’ counsel and liason with the White House. Gonzales had previously vowed his top aides would testify voluntarily and under oath. The development comes amidst increasing calls for Gonzales to step down.

      Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel: “The only currency that matters in governance is trust and when you debase that currency you lose trust - you can't govern. The chief law enforcement of America must be beyond any question, unfortunately the attorney general is dealing with a cloud handing over his credibility and the president is going to have to deal with that."
    Meanwhile, the House has voted repeal the provision of the Patriot Act that allowed the attorney general to appoint U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation. The Senate passed a similar measure earlier this month.

    Reagan Budget Director Indicted for Conspiracy, Fraud
    A former budget director under President Ronald Reagan has been indicted on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and fraud. Prosecutors say David Stockman misled investors in a Michigan auto parts manufacturer that he used to head.

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First Review of Paradise Life

First Review of Paradise Life

Today, I read your ''Paradise Life'' within two hours. It was a fast read because like you I am OC but have never been clinically diagnosed. Without the privileged life, your story is my
Story. I identified with hedonism, lust, self-destructiveness, grief, rage, loss, insanity, and identity Issues, control and power, self-awareness, clarity, joy, responsibility and selfishness/selflessness, love, freedom, autonomy and anti-authoritarianism, bondage, self-abuse, angst Guilt shame, TRUTH and HOPE. All of the paradoxical interplay. However, I did not have any of the ''props'' like you had early on. Are your parents catholic?

You have achieved a level of integrity which is reflected well in ''Paradise Life. A gestalt. Your paradigm is existential. You are authentic and straightforward. I did not expect ''Paradise Life'' to be instructive, yet it is. Reading ''Paradise Life'' was cathartic. Not bad for a someone from a social-class like yours. Within the context of your class orientation, you have achieved some insightfulness, which is commendable!

In closing, I did not like your format but I understand why the structure/style is effective. It allows the reader to engage in a ''soliloquy'' and the cover design is RIGHT ON, BRO. Is the
Cockatoo, yours? .


  • Hardback ISBN 13: 978-1-4257-5080-0
    Picture Book - Hardcover $58.99

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    Man who recorded own meth addiction dies

    No More Sunsets," a 29-minute film shot by a former southern Illinois television videographer at Bridges' request.

    Man who recorded own meth addiction dies

    By JIM SUHR, Associated Press WriterTue Mar 27, 12:20 PM ET

    A former trucker whose documentary chronicled an agonizing descent as methamphetamine ravaged his body has died, optimistic to the end that his story would keep others from the highly addictive stimulant.

    "He was extremely satisfied, wanting to do more in getting the word out and showing kids what meth harm does. We didn't get to that point," his father, Jack Bridges, said shortly after the 35-year-old died Monday at a hospital in Cape Girardeau.

    "He didn't want anyone to go through what he did," his father said.

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    Alcohol contributed to the demise of many West Enders

    On 3/9/07, John Harshaw wrote: Alcohol contributed to the demise of many West Enders. No matter what
    drink they were addicted to, whether it was whiskey or wine, heavy
    drinkers were called winos. When money was low, shoe polish was strained
    through white bread or Irish potatoes ( We called them ice potatoes)
    leaving the coloring behind and the small, but valuable drops of alcohol
    in the cup or bowl. Whiskey was expensive, therefore the drink of choice
    was wine. Not aged European wines , but wines created for the poor
    connoisseurs.Wild Irish Rose, MD 20-20, or Mogan David 20-20, and Gallo
    rounded out the West End choices. At high school basketball games, fans
    substituted H-E-LL-O with G-A-LL-O when cheerleaders took the floor. By
    far the cheap wine of choice during the fifties and sixties was Thunderbird.
    Does anyone remember the song?

    John Harshaw