February 21st, 2007

Chris Keeley

Robert Parry on Victoria Toensing's Outlook piece in the WashPost--2/19/07

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   *Shame on the Washington Post, Again*
   By Robert Parry

   Monday 19 February 2007

   Just days before the perjury/obstruction trial of former White House
aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby goes to the jury, the Washington Post's
Outlook section published a bizarre front-page article by right-wing
legal expert Victoria Toensing suggesting that the prosecutor and one of
the chief victims in the case should be put on trial.

   Beyond the absurdity - and dishonesty - of Toensing's arguments, the
Post illustrated the article with fabricated "mug shots" of U.S.
Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, an Iraq
War critic whose undercover CIA wife, Valerie Plame, was outed by the
Bush administration.

   In this lead opinion article for Washington's biggest-circulation
newspaper, Toensing, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan
administration, cites Fitzgerald, Wilson and several other targets in
proposed "indictments," each of which begins: "This Grand Jury Charges ..."

   Given the Post's prominence in the nation's capital and Toensing's
former position in the Justice Department, the article has the look and
feel of an attempt to influence the jury that will be judging whether
Libby committed perjury and obstruction of justice.

   Though the Post's Outlook editors are sure to argue that the "mug
shots" were tongue in cheek, the Post has editorially supported the Iraq
War and disparaged American critics, especially Wilson who stepped
forward in summer 2003 as one of the first establishment figures to
accuse the Bush administration of "twisting" intelligence.

   The Post also has bashed Fitzgerald for prosecuting Libby. So, there
is a pattern and a motive to the Post's behavior.

   *False Claims*

   Toensing's article hinges largely on her false claim that Plame was
not a covert CIA officer involved with sensitive counter-proliferation
operations - and that therefore no real crime was committed when the
Bush administration leaked her identity.

   To bolster that central lie in the article, Toensing argues that
Fitzgerald and the CIA may have described Plame's status as
"classified," but that the prosecutor "never introduced one piece of
evidence to support such status."

   Toensing leaves out, however, that it has been Libby's defense
lawyers who have fought to exclude evidence of Plame's covert CIA status
because they regard the fact as likely to prejudice the jury against
their client. Plus, Plame's covert status has been judged mostly
irrelevant to a trial about whether Libby lied to investigators and the
grand jury.

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Chris Keeley

A Stunning Memoir of An Ex-Addict

A Stunning Memoir of An Ex-Addict

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A Stunning Memoir of An Ex-Addict

Author Christopher Keeley offers hope for drug addicts to get clean, to start over, and have a wonderful life


Washington, DC – (Release Date TBD) – Addiction to drugs is like a lover that you crave for – the more you give in to it, the harder it is to let go. This unhealthy obsession can cause horrible consequences, not only to yourself but also to your family and the people you care about. Author and photographer Christopher Keeley shares how he quit this nasty habit through Paradise Life, a profound collection of personal stories and photographs that inspire a spirit of recovery.


Paradise Life is the author’s personal memoir of an addict overcoming addiction and the miracle of recovery. Keeley’s photographs deal with the many facets of obsession and speak to the internal search many individuals undergo during the lifelong quest for meaning and self-awareness. Drawing on his own inner obsessive quest for knowledge as inspiration, Keeley captures pain, longing, torment, despair, hope, and love within the faces and forms of his images. His pictures are unsympathetic and communicate the inner emotional trauma of the homeless, the addicted and the lonely as well as the strength of human bonding experienced by addicts in recovery. By revealing the essence of his subjects, the works magnify with often unsettling clarity the pain of discovery, joy of friendships born of pain, or the turmoil of new journeys that resound within each person. Through these poignant images, Keeley challenges the viewer to look within one’s own heart to question, affirm, accept, or reject, leaving on with valuable insights into our own places in humanity.


Keeley shares that any addict can get clean, stop using drugs and find a new way to live with his personal experience as a living example. He aims to help educate the public that addiction is a humanistic disease from which the addict and family members suffer no matter what supportive opportunities are given. The disease of addiction is completely profound in the aspect that help can only be obtained through a miraculous process of Recovery otherwise known as Grace. As he shares the horrors of his life and how wonderful it has become today, he hopes to help to alleviate the pain and suffering of addicts and those close to addicts by being exposed to his work of art. Paradise Life will bring to light the love and truth about the feelings of an addict who has found joy, happiness and freedom.



About the Author

Chris Keeley, MSW, LICSW

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Chris Keeley

prosecutors scoffed at Mr. Libby’s claims of memory loss, contending that he was simply lying when h

Mr. Libby deliberately misled investigators and grand jurors, they must find Mr. Libby guilty and not be swayed by sympathy or concerns about the punishment to be imposed on him, Judge Walton emphasized.

prosecutors scoffed at Mr. Libby’s claims of memory loss, contending that he was simply lying when he told the F.B.I. and grand jurors that he first learned about Ms. Wilson in July 2003, from reporters. In fact, prosecutors said, Mr. Libby learned of Ms. Wilson’s identity much earlier, and was telling various reporters about her.

Jury Begins Deliberating in C.I.A. Leak Case

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 – Jurors in the perjury trial of Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff began deliberating today after the judge told them to look to their own lives when weighing the defendant’s claims of memory loss.

“An innocent misrecollection” is not a crime, Judge Reggie B. Walton told the panel of eight women and four men deciding the fate of I. Lewis Libby Jr., and it is “not an uncommon experience,” he said.

“Honest error,” the judge said, is “a complete defense against all the charges,” and if they conclude that Mr. Libby was simply mistaken when he talked to F.B.I. agents and testified to a grand jury, they must acquit, Judge Walton told the trial jurors.

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Chris Keeley

He had a motive to lie, and . . . he stole the truth from the justice system."

Libby is charged with two counts of lying to FBI agents, two counts of perjuring himself in grand jury testimony and one count of obstructing the federal probe into whether Bush administration officials illegally leaked classified information by disclosing Plame's identity to reporters.

Jury Deliberations Begin in CIA Leak Case

By Carol D. Leonnig and Amy Goldstein
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, February 21, 2007; 12:40 PM


Jurors began deliberating the fate of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby today after hearing instructions from the judge on how to evaluate whether Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff lied to investigators to conceal his role in the leak of a CIA officer's identity.

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Chris Keeley

Unica Zürn

Dessins d'Unica Zürn - drawings by Unica Zürn. Also... Works by Unica Zürn at Ubu Gallery in New York City and The Chimeras of Unica Zurn, a review of the Ubu Gallery exhibition by Valery Oisteanu. "...During the 1960s, when she was well into middle age, the German painter and writer Unica Zürn (1916-1970) made a series of psychologically intense line drawings that combine Surrealist automatism with the mania of Outsider Art and a certain residue of contemporary experiments in psychedelic drugs



Chris Keeley

The Feather Book of Dionisio Minaggio. "...'Dionisio Minaggio Giardinero di Sa Ea Gv. Obnerator del

The Feather Book of Dionisio Minaggio. "...'Dionisio Minaggio Giardinero di Sa Ea Gv. Obnerator del Stato di Milano. Inventor et Feccit l'Ano del 1618." This inscription on the title page can be translated as: "Dionisio Minaggio, Gardener-in-Chief to the Governor of the State of Milan. Creator and Maker in the year 1618.'


30 (Minaggio 153) This adult Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus)is in fairly good shape although there is some damage to the beak, skin of the head (this species does not have feathers on this part of the head) and left claw.

4 (Minaggio 94) A well-preserved Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides) missing only a few phalanges and claws and standing in a pool of water which runs off to the left. 

Chris Keeley

Works by Philip Taaffe

Works by Philip Taaffe http://www.philiptaaffe.info/index.php

Works by Philip Taaffe Works by Philip Taaffe. "...Philip Taaffe was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1955, and studied at the Cooper Union in New York. His first solo exhibition was in New York in 1982. He has traveled widely in the Middle East, India, South America, and Morocco, where he collaborated with Mohammed Mrabet on the book Chocolate Creams and Dollars, translated by Paul Bowles (Inanout Press, New York: 1993). Taaffe lived and worked in Naples from 1988-91. He has been included in numerous museum exhibitions, including the Carnegie International, two Sydney Biennials, and three Whitney Biennials. In 1990 his work was the subject of an extensive critical study in Parkett no. 26 (Zurich & New York). Publications include studies by Wilfried Dickoff (Max Hetzler Gallery, Cologne: 1992); Oleg Grabar (Gagosian Gallery, New York: 1994); and Brooks Adams (Vienna Secession: 1996), and Robert Rosenblum (IVAM Valencia: 2000). His work is in numerous public collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; The Whitney Museum of American Art; and the Reina Sofia, Madrid." Also... Philip Taaffe, February 15 - March 31, 2007 at Gagosian Gallery in NYC.