January 21st, 2007

Chris Keeley

Aborigines of Stone Age Australia

Aborigines of Stone Age Australia


stone age

Buster was the resident policeman of Fitzroy Crossing, a one-horse town in Kimberley, NW Australia. With two aborigine trackers, the four of us were on the last mounted police patrol, a 700 mile ride on mules visiting some of the Cattle Stations north of the King Leopold Range. Gibb River Station was our most northern destination and we had come to check up on the activities of two German archaeologists, Andreas and Katharina Lommel.

Katharina is an artist, and her job was to trace the Wandjina paintings on the walls of the sacred Aborigine site, and then copy them onto canvas so that she could reproduce the original colours. In 1955 there was no colour photography. Her paintings can still be seen in the Munich Natural History Museum.
Chris Keeley

African Unification Front

African Unification Front


One of the larger trans-frontier parks lies between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Another is the 38,000sq km Kgalagadi transfrontier park in the Kalahari area between Botswana and South Africa.

The 36,000ha Venetia reserve, is situated near the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers in Northern Province. The Shashe River forms part of the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana. The Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve is now part of the larger Vhembe-Dongola National Park along South Africa's northern border.

Chris Keeley

Norah Jones at her Lower East Side home. “I’m very much not like my records in person,” she said. Pe

The darkness on this album comes more from just being aware of what’s going on around us.

Music Video: Thinking About You by Norah Jones


Norah Jones, Now in Her Own Words

A LOCAL musician couldn’t ask for a more appreciative audience than the petite, black-haired woman in blue jeans who was one of about two dozen people at Marion’s Marquee Lounge on the Bowery a few Mondays ago. As the guitarist Tony Scherr led a trio through his bluesy, slightly skewed songs, she tapped her foot, giggled at his stage patter and vigorously applauded his solos. Every few tunes, she whispered, “I love this song!”

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Chris Keeley

Bernie Sanders

I asked Sanders in early January what his immediate legislative goals would be in the Senate. He listed these broad-brush priorities: 1) ending the Iraq war; 2) reversing the “rapid decline of the middle class” (a corollary to “addressing the gap between rich and poor”); 3) reordering priorities in the federal budget; and 4) enacting environmental laws to thwart global warming.

The Socialist Senator

Larry Fink

The Socialist Senator

When Bernie Sanders visits a high-school class, as he does regularly, students don’t hear a speech, a focus-grouped polemic, a campaign pitch or, heaven forbid, practiced one-liners. Nor, in all likelihood, do they hear Sanders tell stories about his family, childhood or some hardship he has endured. He makes no great effort to “connect” emotionally in the manner that politicians strive for these days, and he probably doesn’t “feel your pain” either, or at least make a point of saying so. It’s not that Sanders is against connecting, or feeling your pain, but the process seems needlessly passive and unproductive, and he prefers a more dynamic level of engagement.

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Chris Keeley

Uri Avnery, "A Freedom Ride"--1/20/07

Uri Avnery

              A Freedom Ride

MAHATMA GANDHI would have loved it. Nelson Mandela would have saluted.
Martin Luther King would have been the most excited - it would have
reminded him of the old days.

Yesterday, a decree of the Officer Commanding the Central Sector,
General Yair Naveh, was about to come into force. It forbade Israeli
drivers from giving a ride to Palestinian passengers in the occupied
territories. The knitted-Kippah-wearing General, a friend of the
settlers, justified this as a vital security necessity. In the past,
inhabitants of the West Bank have sometimes reached Israeli territory in
Israeli cars.

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Chris Keeley

Elliot Abrams’ uncivil war vs. Hamas -

_Israeli-Palestinian conflict_, _Neocons_, _Palestinians_, _Bush
Administration_ | _8 Comments_

*/Is the Bush administration violating the law in an effort to provoke a
Palestinian civil war?/*


Deputy National Security Advisor, Elliott Abrams — who /Newsweek/
recently described as “the last neocon standing” — has had it about for
some months now that the U.S. is not only not interested in dealing with
Hamas, it is working to ensure its failure. In the immediate aftermath
of the Hamas elections, last January, Abrams greeted a group of
Palestinian businessmen in his White House office with talk of a “hard
coup” against the newly-elected Hamas government — the violent overthrow
of their leadership with arms supplied by the United States. While the
businessmen were shocked, Abrams was adamant — the U.S. had to support
Fatah with guns, ammunition and training, so that they could fight Hamas
for control of the Palestinian government.

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