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Charlie Reese on Bush and Lebanon

     *Still Racist*

If you step back a moment and look objectively, you can plainly see that
the U.S. and most of Europe still have a racist, colonialist attitude
toward the Middle East and all its people — except, of course, the Israelis.

It's still difficult to tell if President George Bush is just a callous
liar or if he lives in his own little world, which bears no resemblance
to the real one. In his press conference in Texas last week, he
contradicted himself with a perfectly straight face.

Giving his usual lecture on the blessings of freedom and democracy, he
completely ignored the fact that when Hamas members were elected in a
free and fair election in Palestine, he refused to recognize them, cut
off all aid and refused to talk to them. Now, now, Mr. President,
democracy means you recognize the outcome of an election even if you
don't like the results. Hence, he contradicts himself when he claims to
be the Billy Graham of democracy.

The next contradiction came when he praised the government of Lebanon
and talked about how warmly he supports it while claiming that Hezbollah
is trying to destroy it. Duh, Hezbollah is a part of that democratic
government. Furthermore, Bush ignored that Lebanese government when he
blocked calls for an immediate cease-fire. What that democratic
government wants is completely ignored. Bush and the other folks at the
U.N. talk about Lebanon as if it were a child with no say in its own

Bush will decide what's good for Lebanon, and there is no need, in his
mind, to consult with the Lebanese.

The truth is that Israel had been planning to attack Lebanon for more
than a year, and its attack had nothing to do with two kidnapped
soldiers. The truth is that Bush approved of Israel's attack and has
been deliberately holding up a cease-fire call to give the Israelis a
chance to destroy Hezbollah. The truth is that Bush doesn't give a
tinker's damn about the deaths of innocent Lebanese people, the
destruction of the country's infrastructure and the displacement of a
million people.

Israel has a right to defend itself but no right to commit mass murder
and the destruction of a whole country. If Israel wanted its soldiers
back, all it had to do was start negotiations for a prisoner exchange.
That's why Hezbollah kidnapped them in the first place. Israel has
exchanged prisoners in the past, so don't believe the nonsense about not
negotiating with terrorists. Furthermore, Israel itself kidnaps people
all the time. Most of the elected representatives of the Palestinians
have been snatched and stuck in Israeli prisons.

Two of our soldiers were kidnapped (and later murdered) in Iraq, but we
didn't decide to bomb Baghdad, Basra, Mosul and Kirkuk to get them back.
Israel has systematically destroyed the bridges, the roads, the airport,
the ports, businesses, shops and people. I didn't know there were so
many terrorist babies and children who lived in Lebanon. I didn't
realize there were so many terrorist mothers and grandmothers, and so
many terrorist houses and apartment blocks and terrorist bridges and roads.

Hezbollah, by the way, didn't launch rockets against Israel until it
launched its airstrikes against Lebanon. The night of the kidnapping —
which, after all, was a legitimate raid by soldiers against soldiers — a
few rounds from mortars were fired as a distraction. No Israeli
civilians were killed or hurt. As a matter of fact, from 2000 — when
Israel was driven out of Lebanon — until this year, only six Israelis
had been killed by Katyusha rockets, according to Informed Comment.
Hezbollah only fired them in response to Israeli violations of Lebanon's

The final hypocrisy of Bush is the fact that all during Israel's 18-year
occupation of Lebanon, he never opened his mouth about the need for
Lebanon's government to have "sovereignty over all of its territory."
George Bush has sewn a terrible crop of hatred that will fall on
innocent Americans for God knows how many years in the future.

© 2006 by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
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