December 26th, 2006

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Ron Galella

Ron Galella's Disco Years 

Grace Jones 

July 10, 1980: N.Y.C., Bonds. Beneath a giant poster for herself, Bianca receives a 
birthday kiss from Halston, who hosted her party. 

December 2, 1978: N.Y.C., Olympic Towers. Lester Persky, Andy Warhol, 
and Truman Capote at Steve Rubell's birthday party. 

December 31, 1979: NYC, Harkness House. Mick Jagger and his second wife, 
model Jerry Hall, at Woody Allen's New Year's Eve party

June 25, 1976: NYC, studio of hairstylist Peter John. Galella focuses on 
Morgan Fairchild. Photograph by Karen Cullen. 

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This article is about asdf in computing culture. For other uses, see ASDF.

"asdf" is the sequence of letters that appear on the first four keys on the home row of a QWERTY or QWERTZ keyboard. They are often used as a sample or test case or as random, meaningless nonsense. It is also a common learning tool for keyboard classes, since all four keys are located on Home row. asdf is also typed in lowercase letters most of the time.

'asdf' is a default password for some systems. Therefore the word is used in many dictionary crackers, since there is always the possibility that some user has left their password as 'asdf' by default.

The Internet has taken to the idea that many users type in the characters 'asdf' when they're not searching for anything in particular and just want to fill in a given field. If you run a search through any given search engine, you'll see many websites listed with the keyword 'asdf'.[1]

Many internet users who are short for time simply type in 'asdf' as their username and password to obtain quick access to the information or links that have been restricted. This has led to many websites specifically invalidating as an email address. Many websites and forums now require signing-up or registering to access a page's information or to have access to a download link. Similarly, some online games have restricted using asdf or asdfg as a password, as it is so easy to guess.

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"I tell people, 'If you're using it, only use half or three-quarters of what you used to,' because o

"I tell people, 'If you're using it, only use half or three-quarters of what you used to,' because of the higher potency," said Orlando Ward, director of public affairs at the Midnight Mission on Los Angeles' skid row.

This China white is so pure that they can snort it or smoke it," Jackson said. "So, no needles or track marks

The source

Afghan heroin's surge poses danger in U.S.

The world's purest form can kill more addicts, as seen in L.A. County.
By Garrett Therolf
Times Staff Writer

December 26, 2006

Supplies of highly potent Afghan heroin in the United States are growing so fast that the pure white powder is rapidly overtaking lower-quality Mexican heroin, prompting fears of increased addiction and overdoses.

Heroin-related deaths in Los Angeles County soared from 137 in 2002 to 239 in 2005, a jump of nearly 75% in three years, a period when other factors contributing to overdose deaths remained unchanged, experts said. The jump in deaths was especially prevalent among users older than 40, who lack the resilience to recover from an overdose of unexpectedly strong heroin, according to a study by the county's Office of Health Assessment and Epidemiology.

"The rise of heroin from Afghanistan is our biggest rising threat in the fight against narcotics," said Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino. "We are seeing more seizures and more overdoses."

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10 myths -- and 10 truths -- about atheism

By Sam Harris
SAM HARRIS is the author of "The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason" and "Letter to a Christian Nation."

December 24, 2006

SEVERAL POLLS indicate that the term "atheism" has acquired such an extraordinary stigma in the United States that being an atheist is now a perfect impediment to a career in politics (in a way that being black, Muslim or homosexual is not). According to a recent Newsweek poll, only 37% of Americans would vote for an otherwise qualified atheist for president.

Atheists are often imagined to be intolerant, immoral, depressed, blind to the beauty of nature and dogmatically closed to evidence of the supernatural.

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Top Songs


31 "The Clock"
Thom Yorke
Radiohead's singer makes tense, hermetic despair from tangled strands of looped 
guitar and insect-chatter percussion.

60 "Phenomena" [Song]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Karen O gets hot for a dude who's "something like an astronomer," while Nick Zinner's 
space-punk guitar rocks like a hip-hop DJ on the cut.

71 "Let Me Know" [Song]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This spare acoustic B side to "Gold Lion" could have been a children's play song: Its lazy 
martial rhythm and Karen O's vocals circle endlessly back upon themselves. Perfect for 
jumping rope or nodding out.

88"The Greatest" [Song]
Cat Power
The strings are breathtaking and the backing vocals are ethereal, but it's Chan Marshall's 
eerily aching voice that makes this soar.

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attack of the onion heads blog for daily sketches (I hope) and Works in Progress! Another timewaster on the internet! 

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Evan Harris

Evan Harris

Evan Harris creates undulating pictures that feel homespun and lyrical.  A muted color palate lends itself well to these organic dream scenes, allowing the intricate linework and floating protagonists to take center stage.

Julia Swaney


Julia Swaney

Victorian ladies abound in Julia Swaney's delicate drawings.  These works are quietly elaborate, and whisper of nature's

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Arrest of Iranians in Baghdad

Arrest of Iranians in Baghdad


I received a telephone call on Friday from a long-time Iraqi friend and
contact who is a Shia and a senior member of SCIRI. He was here in
Washington with the Hakim delegation 6-10 December, when I had another
long and detailed talk with him. He told me by phone on Friday about the
raid, and told me the "friendly diplomatic delegation" from Teheran had
met cordially with PM Maliki and VP Hakim as well as with President
Talabani before they were taken, roughly and rudely, into custody by the
Americans.  This nice, sensible friend is a staunch ally of America if
we ever had one in Iraq.  But when we talked three days ago, he was
distraught over this huge gaffe. From the scant details that we have
heard at this end, it appears that this was another complete screw-up --
Inspector Clouseau and Agent Maxwell Smart all over again.  But try
explaining that to the Iraqis --- or to the Iranians, for that
matter! Superpowers can't possibly be that stupid, so they must be doing
something Machiavellian.  It can only be interpreted by all of them as
another positive proof that the Americans want to spoil any chance of a
constructive relationship between Iraqis and their Iranian neighbors.
If I am moving rapidly toward a "let's go home sooner rather than later"
position, it is because I am more and more convinced that we are our own
worst enemies in the strategy we have devised for ourselves there. All
the good hard work that has been done by sensible and well-meaning
people on both sides, and all the terrible death and destruction, seem
more futile and more tragic with every passing day.


Salaam, Shalom, Peace.

Ray Close
Chris Keeley

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Dec. 26 — In July 1906 Auguste Rodin went to the palace of the president of Fr

Forty of Rodin’s drawings of classical Cambodian dancers, like the two above, visit the National Museum in Cambodia in a wing renovated for the show.

Rodin Works Visit Cambodia

A sketch of dancers from the Royal Ballet of Cambodia by Auguste Rodin, now on display in Phnom Penh.

Dancers of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, left, inspired Rodin so much that he followed the company from Paris to Marseilles in 1906 to sketch them.

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Dec. 26 — In July 1906 Auguste Rodin went to the palace of the president of France for a garden party featuring the dancers of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.