November 16th, 2006

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8 punk and post-punk female singer videos

8 punk and post-punk female singer videos

I had so much fun time compiling that list of 70s punk band videos, I compiled another list. This one features some of my favorite female vocalists.

Picture 4-13 1. The Flying Lizards: Money (1979?)

Featuring scary minimalist singer Deborah Lizard.

Picture 5-15 2. Joan Jett: Cherry Bomb (1982?)

Joan Jett was a member of The Runaways, which did this song first.

Picture 6-6 3. Danielle Dax: Tomorrow Never Knows (1990)

Usually I don't like Beatles covers, but this is an exception.

Picture 7-8 4. The Runaways Schooldays (1979?)

Joan Jett was in this band before going solo.

Picture 8-7 5. Bow Wow Wow: I Want Candy (1982)

A post Sex Pistol's Malcom McLaren manufactured group.

Picture 9-4 6. X Ray Spex: The Day the World Day Glo (1976)

Singer Poly Styrene is one of my favorites. What an interesting voice!

Picture 10-1 7. BONUS: Debbie Harry sings in 1980 movie, Unmade Beds.

Picture 11-5 8. The Avengers: The American in Me (1978)

I was looking for a video of the Avengers but I couldn't find one. Luckily, Boing Boing reader Cliff did. Thanks!

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Tom Waits

Tom Waits's Orphans: moving, rocking 3-disc set

I got a preview copy of the new Tom Waits 3-disc set, "Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards" about a month ago, and I've been listening to it nonstop ever since. The disc is set to be released in a week or so and it's time I told you just how totally amazingly awesome it is.

I am a stupendous Tom Waits fan. Whether he's being an experimental noise-rock loony, a bluesy raconteur, a folk-artist, a madcap orchestra director or a rock and roller, I love him. No musician makes me happier in more ways than Tom Waits, whose versatility, poetry, and self-reflexive humor make him the greatest American musician of his generation.

Orphans is a three disc set of rarities and never-released material, including some obscure personal favorites like his cover of Heigh-Ho from Snow White (originally released on the great Disney tribute album Stay Awake) and a grinding tribute to On the Road, recorded with Primus, and a track recorded with the Ramones.

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judge's order to forbid all Kaiser medical facilities from dumping homeless patients on skid row or

Kaiser is one of 10 area hospitals under investigation by city prosecutors for allegedly discharging patients to the 50-block area of downtown that is known for missions and homeless encampments. 

L.A. files patient `dumping' charges

Kaiser Permanente is accused of leaving a homeless woman to wander on skid row.
By Richard Winton and Cara Mia DiMassa
Times Staff Writers

November 16, 2006

The Los Angeles city attorney's office filed false-imprisonment and dependent-care-endangerment charges against hospital giant Kaiser Permanente on Wednesday, the first criminal prosecution of a medical center accused of "dumping" patients on skid row.

The charges stem from an incident earlier this year when a 63-year-old patient from Kaiser Permanente's Bellflower hospital was videotaped as she left a taxi in gown and socks, and then wandered skid row streets.

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Bourgeois has created collages most of his life but has rarely exhibited them

Douglas Bourgeois: Disparate Situation at Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans, LA

Douglas Bourgeois: Disparate Situation 

Home Of The Brave Douglas Bourgeois... Home Of The Brave (2006, collage and oil on illustration board). From Douglas Bourgeois: Disparate Situation at Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans, LA. "...Bourgeois chose 'Disparate Situation' as the title for his exhibition because juxtaposition and clashing between elements kept becoming manifest in the collages. Bourgeois has created collages most of his life but has rarely exhibited them. The artist feels that collagist methods have been an undercurrent in his paintings for a long time. Collage is like sketching for Bourgeois and often serves as the best method for him to find routes to the subconscious and ineffable mysteries of existence.
Bourgeois's meticulously rendered work reveals an incredible craftsmanship wedded with a mysterious ability to express the artist's vision through obsessive attention to detail. He combines his technical rigor with a far ranging grasp of the iconography of late 20th and early 21st century culture. As noted by art historian Isabelle Loring Wallace, Bourgeois 'purposefully adopts certain hallmarks of an unsophisticated, self-taught esthetic—frontality, inconsistent scale, awkward perspective, the absence of facture, brilliant color—often deploying them in conjunction with references and motifs (voodoo, oil refineries, local musicians) that mark him as the product of a specific place. Yet his choice of subject matter and theme just as often exceeds and undermines the regionalism to which he seems to subscribe.'"
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free PDF download of the first issue of Transmetropolitan

Transmetropolitan #1 as a free download

DC Comics have posted a free PDF download of the first issue of Transmetropolitan, Warren Ellis's ground-breaking cyberpunk comic that eventually ran to ten collected volumes. This is the comic that made me fall in love with comics again -- made me start going to my local funnybook shop every week or two to buy up several new titles. Link (via Warren Ellis)

See also I come to praise Transmetropolitan

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