November 5th, 2006

Chris Keeley

Gideon Levy, Haaretz, on Beit Hanoun--11/5/06

   Listen to Maj. Gen. Stern

_*By **Gideon Levy* <>

*A bloodbath is taking place in Beit Hanun, the Israel Defense Forces
runs rampant and kills at least 37 people in four days - and Israeli
public opinion yawns with indifference. A brigade commander tells his
soldiers, who killed 12 people in one day: "You've won 12:0," and the
soldiers grin broadly. This is the moral nadir we have reached,
following a long slide down a slippery slope: Human life has become cheap.
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Chris Keeley

Telegraph (UK) on Avigdor Lieberman--11/5/06

 Jews and Arabs can never live together, says Israel's vice PM

By Harry de Quetteville in Jerusalem, The Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:13am GMT 05/11/2006 <>
*When Avigdor Lieberman, a populist Israeli politician frequently
compared to Austria's Jörg Haider and France's Jean-Marie le Pen,
proposed to bus thousands of Palestinians to the Dead Sea and drown them
there, he was just a fringe member of government. *
* *
*Avigdor Lieberman*

*Avigdor Lieberman: 'Separation is the best solution'


*That was three years ago. But last week * *the controversial
nationalist joined the coalition government *
by Ehud Olmert in a much more senior role, as vice prime minister with
special responsibility for Israel's most pressing issue: the threat from
Iran. *

*In his first interview since taking office – exclusively with The
Sunday Telegraph – Mr Lieberman said that the best means of achieving
peace in the Middle East would be for Jews and Arabs to live apart,
including those Arabs who now live inside Israel. *

*Israel was on the "front line of a clash of civilisations between the
free world and extremist Islam," he said.*

*On Iran, he said: "Every week, the president of Iran declares his
intention to destroy us." *
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Chris Keeley

I dream about birds,” she added. “Birds are stand-ins for souls.

She lives in her art, in the way she lives in her studio.

Nan Goldin for The New York Times

Kiki Smith

The Intuitionist

Late one sunny morning last month, I stopped by to visit Kiki Smith. I recognized the house in the East Village by the wind chimes on the fire escape. Climbing a staircase, from which the banister had strangely been removed, I found Smith, ethereal and laughing as usual, in her studio on the second floor, which doubles as her living room. It’s blue and white, airy and peaceful, with tall glass doors at one end (opening onto a scary, straight drop, as if down the rabbit hole) to an overgrown garden.

After the usual pleasantries, Smith told me that her French dealer, Jean Frémon, would be arriving shortly to see a few outdoor sculptures she had installed in a pair of gardens up the street. Then she was expected on Canal Street at Harlan & Weaver, the print maker (“It’s my second home,” she said, and she wasn’t kidding, as she had been going several times a day, day and night, for months, I learned). She was working on a series of etchings of flowers, a theme inspired by her mother’s death last year. The prints had to be finished in time for an art fair, she explained, and she had only a couple of days left in town before she flew to London for a different show, for which she was in Philadelphia a day earlier, to cast various sculptures of tree limbs and moths.

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Chris Keeley

Borat” this weekend, Hollywood is head over heels over its latest foreign celebrity

Borat says he dropped in on a few studios a few weeks back to take part in a noble Hollywood tradition: the pitch meeting. “I had a very good meetings with a moviefilm executive,” Borat recounts. “I have made a pitchings for U.S. and A. remakes of popular Kazakh movies ‘Dirty Jew,’ ‘Dirty Jew 2,’ ‘Attack of the Jew Claw,’ ‘Help There Is a Jew in My Kitchen’ and ‘Where Is My Money, I Think It Was the Jews That Take It.”’ His projects remain in limbo, Borat explains: “The man have said my pitchings were interesting, but they weren’t necessarily what Disney were in the markets for at the moment.”

Photo Opportunity
Here, Borat enjoys the sights in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater. "I very much like Hollywood womens," he says. "They very different to Kazakh ladies. They has more hair on head than chest, and they do not look strong enough to pull plows." (Versace floral print dress; Gucci sandals)

Rodeo Drive
Cruising down the boulevard with an old friend, Borat enjoys a refreshing beverage. ‘‘Reason why I take goat is so he can pull car when it run out of gasolines,’’ he says. ‘‘In Kazakhstan, when engine get old, you can shoot it, eat it and use hooves to make glue.’’

But, he says, problems arose: "My waterpanties accidentally came loose on one side. Again, many, many apologies to Ashton Kuchers and his mother, Demi, who experiences a faces full of my" — and here Borat’s comments became untranslatable. (From left: Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Milly bikini. Bottega Veneta sunglasses. Speedo swim trunks. Oliver Peoples sunglasses. Milly one-piece bathing suit. Christian Dior sunglasses. Gucci patent wedge shoes.)