October 29th, 2006

Chris Keeley

*Christian Zionism: An Egregious Threat to **U.S.** - **Middle East*

*Christian Zionism: An Egregious Threat to **U.S.** - **Middle East**
October 26, 2005
For Immediate Release

Christian Zionism, a belief that paradise for Christians can only be
achieved once Jews are in control of the Holy Land, is gathering
strength in the United States and forging alliances that are giving
increasingly weird shape to American policy toward the Middle East.  The
nature of the movement and its detrimental impact on policy was the
subject of the 22^nd Capitol Hill public hearing presented by the
Council for the National Interest yesterday.

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Chris Keeley


This book is a visual recollection of the parallel stories and real-life characters that revolved around the making of Babel, and the unexpected ways in which fiction and reality collide. Photographs both from the set and the surrounding disparate landscapes are paired with the director’s personal commentary on the larger-than-life film shoot.


From Tijuana to Tokyo: The making of the final film of Iñárritu’s
acclaimed trilogy

Mexican film director Alejandro González Iñárritu, along with top photographers Mary Ellen Mark, Patrick Bard, Graciela Iturbide, and Miguel Rio Branco, bring together their highly perceptive visions on cultural diversity in a book that combines seductive images and firsthand remarks on the unique experience of shooting Babel. Winner of the Best Director prize at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, the film is the third in the director’s trilogy started by Amores Perros and 21 Grams.

Shot in Morocco, Tijuana, and Tokyo, and involving a multilingual cast lead by Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Gael García Bernal, and Koji Yakusho, as well non-professional actors from the three countries portrayed, Babel continues the director’s quest to explore the effects of loss and grief, and seeks to relate the modern implications of ancient myth on the origins of human inability to successfully communicate.
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Chris Keeley

Who will get Iraq's oil and on what terms

From:   Nabil Bahu <banini@hol.gr

**Part **** ****I**** ****:**** **** Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has
Iraq's Oil******

By Joshua Holland

Monday 16 October 2006

Iraq is sitting on a mother lode of some of the lightest, sweetest, most
profitable crude oil on earth, and the rules that will determine who
will control it and on what terms are about to be set.

The Iraqi government faces a December deadline, imposed by the world's
wealthiest countries, to complete its final Oil Law. Industry analysts
expect that the result will be a radical departure from the laws
governing the country's oil-rich neighbors, giving foreign
multinationals a much higher rate of return than with other major oil
producers, and locking in their control over what George Bush called
Iraq's "patrimony" for decades, regardless of what kind of policies
future elected governments might want to pursue.

Iraq's energy reserves are an incredibly rich prize; according to the US
Department of Energy, "Iraq contains 112 billion barrels of proven oil
reserves, the second largest in the world (behind Saudi Arabia) along
with roughly 220 billion barrels of probable and possible resources.
Iraq's true potential may be far greater than this, however, as the
country is relatively unexplored due to years of war and sanctions." For
perspective, the Saudis have 260 billion barrels of proven reserves.

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Chris Keeley

part 2 - Who will get Iraq's oil and on what terms

That was true at the top as well. Serving as oil minister in the Iraqi
Interim Government was Thamir Ghadbhan, a British-trained technocrat who
at one time had been Chief of Planning under Saddam Hussein and was
widely respected for his political independence and his opposition to
the previous regime (Saddam had ended up imprisoning him at Abu Ghraib).
Despite working closely with American advisors, Ghadbhan was replaced
with Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloum, a close associate of Ahmed Chalabi, the
exile favored by some war planners to run the country as a kindler and
gentler - but no doubt just as corrupt - version of Saddam Hussein.
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Chris Keeley

William A. Brenner

William A. Brenner - U.S. Senate - NY State

Bill a Lawyer, Banjo Player, and tax Accountant from Grahamsville, ran against Hillary Clinton until
Tax season came around and he couldn't keep up the fight!

© Keeley 2006     Grahamsville, New York
Chris Keeley

IA(R) MidEast Officer Ray Close: on "Iraq: A Broader Perspective?

IA(R) MidEast Officer Ray Close: on "Iraq: A Broader Perspective?

Dear Friends:

       This is an expanded and more explanatory version of a
       confidential memorandum that I sent last week to my fellow
       members on the "working" level of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study
       Group (ISG).  (Which is not to imply that the principals are not
       working very hard, too!  They most certainly are!)

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