October 3rd, 2006

Chris Keeley

Foley and Scientology: disgraced congressman linked to CoS?

Foley and Scientology: disgraced congressman linked to CoS?

Here's a snip from a post on citynoise.org:

There's this, from CNN.com:


"An attorney for Foley, a Florida Republican, confirmed Monday that the former congressman is in an alcoholism treatment center. The fax was apparently sent from Clearwater, Florida, but Roth would not say if that's where Foley is being treated."

So, apparently Foley has gone to a detox center in Clearwater, Fl. What's in Clearwater? Scientologists! So, I followed my intuition and did a little Googling, thinking perhaps Foley is drying out with the Sea Org there. This is what I uncovered:

On May 24, 2003, the "Clearwater Business Association" hosted a brunch in the Fort Harrison’s Ballroom, for Florida Congressman Mark Foley (R).

Also present at this event was "Republican State committee woman" Nancy Riley. Foley is featured on a Scientology web page promoting their anti-psychiatry front group C.C.H.R. ("Citizen's Comission on Human Rights"). The "Clearwater Business Association" (C.B.A.) appears to be primarily a way to bring politicians into the Scientology fold, by way of Scientologist Brett Miller (second from left in photo below). The primary affiliations of the C.BA.appear to be Scientology, W.I.S.E., and C.C.H.R., and not local businesses."

web.tampabay.rr.com/sp/FLA.html (scroll down)

WTF. Hold me, I'm scared.

Link. Image: "...Mary Story from the Church of Scientology and Brett Miller from the Clearwater Businessman's Association present leatherbound copies of Dianetics and The Way to Happiness to Republican State Committee woman Nancy Riley and Congressman Mark Foley..." (Thanks James Home and Shelly Rae Scott)

Reader comment: Al Hunt says,

So that's why he was doing this via email. I understand that Scientologists have to do all their molesting silently.

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Chris Keeley

Lions and Tigers and Internets, Oh My!

Lions and Tigers and Internets, Oh My!


Africam.com Screenshot

Africam.com broadcasts a live web cam from the Nkorho Pan, Africa, straight to your information station. For most people, the experience can be joyously observed from the their website, however Apple users have been thrown to the lions (slight pun intended), as the embedded Windows Media Player stream does not work on a Mac. That is, until now….

Click here to view a cross-platform compatible broadcast of African wildlife

Non-Mac users can also view the Africam feed on Wavelit.com here

Note: Please be patient. It takes a while for the stream to buffer.

Double Note: During the wee hours of the morning (consider the time zone differences), they’ve got night vision running, so prepare yourself to be somewhat underwhelmed by black and white images. Though, if you come back during the day, you’ll be awash in the colory goodness of the African sun.

Chris Keeley

we began receiving emails from former pages, some going back as far as five years, who said this is

So the question is: does the congressman engage in sexually explicit internet messages with teenagers that worked as congressional pages?” And when he had to tell me he’d call me back on that one, I knew we had a problem here. So, it was, I’d say, an hour maybe that we got a call back from the congressman's office saying he was going to resign. 

Calls Increase for Hastert to Resign Over Foley Scandal

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006


Calls are increasing for House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign over his handling of the Mark Foley scandal. We speak with a reporter at The Hill newspaper about the political fallout and the ABC News producer who first obtained the sexually explicit Internet messages Foley sent to underage male congressional pages. [includes rush transcript]


We begin by looking at the Foley Congressional scandal which has rocked Washington D.C five weeks before the mid-term elections and could cost the GOP control of the House.

Mark Foley, a Republican Congressman from a wealthy district in Florida resigned on Friday after ABC News revealed that he exchanged sexually explicit internet messages with teenage boys who used to work as pages on Capitol Hill. Yesterday, Foley checked himself into rehab stating he was being treated for "alcohol and emotional problems." Meanwhile, the FBI has begun examining whether Foley broke federal law and top Republicans are being charged with covering up his misdeeds. Speaker of the House Denis Hastert initially claimed he just learned about Foley's actions, but Republican Congressman Thomas Reynolds later revealed that he had personally told Hastert months ago. Hastert allowed Mark Foley to remain the co-chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children up until Friday. This is Speaker Hastert yesterday.


  • Dennis Hastert (R - IL): "No one in the Republican leadership, nor Congressman Simkus saw those messages until last Friday when ABC news released them to the public. When they were released Congressman Foley resigned and I am glad he did. If he had not I would have demanded his expulsion from the House of Representatives."


ABC News Chief Investigative correspondent Brian Ross broke the story on Friday when he published transcripts of some of Foley's online exchanges.


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Chris Keeley

“True Life” begins its new season tonight with “I’m Addicted to Crystal Meth,” an examination of the

The docs division did research, “and they said absolutely, we’re hearing about OxyContin all the time

A drug user in the season premiere of “True Life” on MTV. “I’m Addicted to Crystal Meth” examines the toll taken by methamphetamine

Unsimple Lives on an MTV Reality Show

For a generation that has witnessed Paris Hilton’s sex video and seen photographs of Kate Moss snorting cocaine in a recording studio, a documentary about an unknown 20-something woman prostituting herself to buy crystal meth might seem a bit ho-hum.

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