September 18th, 2006

Chris Keeley

The View From Guantanamo--NYTimes 9/17/06

 It's been a long day and I'm tired, but you need to read this item
from what I have had time to read. We were in western China earlier this
summer and met with the Uighurs. Depressing. Note that this is written
from Albania. I will follow with one of the worst op eds ever published
by the NYTimes, by John Yoo, who must be an alien from outer space.

September 17, 2006
Op-Ed Contributor

 The View From Guantánamo


Tirana, Albania

I HAVE been greatly saddened to hear that the Congress of the United
States, a country I deeply admire, is considering new laws that would
deny prisoners at Guantánamo Bay the right to challenge their detentions
in federal court.

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Chris Keeley

Not even Dog. A few short weeks later, the cuffs of love found Mr. Chapman.

A Cornered Pit Bull: Bounty Hunter Becomes Prey

The eight or so men crept quietly up to the house in the Portlock neighborhood of Hawaii at the crack of dawn. The woman inside was making school lunches for her children and noticed them too late. They bum-rushed the bedroom, capturing their target in cuffs before he knew what hit him.

Duane Chapman, known as Dog, the premier American bounty hunter, would have appreciated their artistry had he not been the guy in handcuffs. Mr. Chapman, the star of A&E’s highly rated “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” was transported to the federal detention center in Honolulu to await extradition to Mexico on a three-year-old charge stemming from his capture in Mexico of Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir who was eventually convicted of raping three women.

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Chris Keeley

That means most people die naked in the toilet

Mike Thomas, a corpse collector, waiting on his porch in east Detroit for a call from the county morgue’s office, and with his children at the home of their mother. “I know that’s kind of weird to hear; I mean waiting around for somebody to die,” Mr. Thomas said. “Wishing for somebody to die.” 


Body Collector in Detroit Answers When Death Calls

DETROIT — With all the spectacular ways to die in this dying city, the fate of a man named Allan was almost pathetic. There he lay, in a weedy lot on the notorious East Side, next to a liquor bottle, his pockets turned out.

But as it goes with such things, one man’s misery is another man’s money. The body retrievalist for the county morgue had arrived on the scene. He was happy. He sang strange little ditties. Cracked odd little jokes. Said things like: “We got plenty of room in this here van, yes sir.”

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Chris Keeley

Comment on Jackson Diehl op ed in WashPost 9/18/06 on Middle East Peace

Comment: In his second paragraph Diehl mentions the Arab League,
which one can take to be a reference to the Arab Peace Initiative
adopted at the League summit in Beirut in 2002. In  the next paragraph
Diehl also dismisses this as a non-starter "that would require Israel to
accept the 'return' of millions of Palestinians to its own territory as
a condition for Arab recognition of what would no longer be a Jewish
state." This is  a misreading of what was actually offered to Israel in
that Initiative, which is in fact the very best offer still on the table
that could provide a fair, just, legal, comprehensive, and permanent
resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as peace between
Israel and all of the Arab states. Proposed by then Crown Prince
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the offer was ratified by all 22 members of
the League, including the Palestinian delegation. In a subsequent speech
by video feed (because Israel would not guarantee Arafat's return to
Ramallah if he left to attend the summit) the Palestinian president
endorsed the Initiative offer. Israel has yet to respond to it, so far
as I am aware.
    The essential and complete elements of that offer were the
following (quoted from the resolution in its final form):
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