September 15th, 2006On this day in different years

Chris Keeley

Uganda Peace Hinges on Amnesty for Brutality

Robanga Kenne Joel, left, and Auma Kevin were born in a refugee camp in Gulu, Uganda, during a civil war in which rebels from the Lord’s Resistance Army terrorized their own people

The New York Times

In Gulu, residents say they hope a cease-fire brings lasting peace. More Photos » 
Photos: Vanessa Vick for The New York Times

Christa Labol fled to Gulu, Uganda, after rebels cut off her ears and lips and killed her husband. Yet she says she would welcome them home

Nearly two million people abandoned their villages and crowded into government camps to escape the rebel violence

Residents of Gulu hope a cease-fire agreement signed on Aug. 26 will bring an end to 20 years of violence

Chris Keeley

A Must Read: Review of a new book on terrorism, by Gary Kamiya in 9/15/06

My Sister alerted me to this item. The book is "What Terrorists
Want: Understanding the Enemy, Containing the Threat," by Louise
Richardson, a specialist on terrorism who is currently executive dean of
the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.  From the review I would
judge that this is the best current study of the subject. You can read
it online at the link below, or it prints out at just over 7 pages. Her
argument about negotiating with  al-Qaida is not convincing to me, but
her analysis of the phenomenon of terrorism is the best I have read
anywhere. She is right that Bush's tough-guy stance is making matters
much worse.