August 31st, 2006

Chris Keeley

Revised Israel Lobby Piece

Subject:        Revised Israel Lobby Piece
Date:   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:47:48 -0400
From:   Robert Keeley <>
To:     Terry Walz <>

Reporting the “Israel Lobby” Forum at the National Press Club

By Robert V. Keeley

On August 29, 2006 the Washington Post published as its Page Two column
an account by reporter Dana Milbank entitled “Pronouncing Blame on the
Israel Lobby.” (The text follows, along with further comment.) This
article was a somewhat clever hatchet job on two distinguished
professors and confirms once again the pro-Israel bias that pervades our
major media. Collapse )
Chris Keeley

The Lobby, the U.S. and the Israeli War on Hezbollah

Date:   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 12:13:22 -0400 (EDT)
From:   Council for the National Interest Foundation


*The Lobby, the **U.S. and the Israeli War on Hezbollah*
August 30, 2006
by Terry Walz, CNI Staff

The U.S. blanket support for the Israeli war on Hezbollah can be laid at
the feet of the Israel Lobby, concluded Professor Stephen Walt and Prof.
John Mearsheimer in an analysis they presented at the National Press
Club in Washington on August 28. Their presentation, which was sponsored
by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, was a widening of their
critique of the lobby and focused on the role it played in the recent
Israel-Hezbollah war. It showed once again how the lobby works against
both Israel's and the United States' national interests.

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Chris Keeley

Amira Hass: "Can you really not see?" (HA'ARETZ)

Subject:        Amira Hass: "Can you really not see?" (HA'ARETZ)
Date:   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 20:30:12 +0300
From:   John Whitbeck

TO: Distinguished Recipients

Transmitted below is a call to conscience and human decency from Amira Hass.

Needless to say, it was published in HA'ARETZ, not in the NEW YORK TIMES

*_Can you really not see?_*

By *Amira Hass*

Let us leave aside those Israelis whose ideology supports the
dispossession of the Palestinian people because "God chose us." Leave
aside the judges who whitewash every military policy of killing and
destruction. Leave aside the military commanders who knowingly jail
an entire nation in pens surrounded by walls, fortified observation
towers, machine guns, barbed wire and blinding projectors. Leave
aside the ministers. All of these are not counted among the
collaborators. These are the architects, the planners, the designers,
the executioners.
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Chris Keeley

Uri Avnery on the Lebanon War--8/30/06

Uri Avnery

      The Bees in the Lion's Carcass

EHUD OLMERT has found a convincing proof of his great victory over
Hassan Nasrallah: "I am touring the country freely while Nasrallah is
hiding in his bunker!"

It is said that "the style is the man," and by these words Olmert shows
his quality (or lack thereof). At the moment, dozens of Israeli
airplanes and helicopter gunships are standing by, ready to kill
Nasrallah if he as much as shows himself. Nasrallah does not have a
single airplane or helicopter to kill Olmert. The vast material
superiority of the Israeli army over a guerilla organization is no
achievement of Olmert - but Hizbullah's ability to survive the massive
onslaught of our army is certainly the achievement of Nasrallah.
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Chris Keeley

two Israeli op-eds

Subject:        two Israeli op-eds
Date:   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 13:07:29 -0400
From:   John Vincent
To:     Robert V Keeley

Two independent Israeli public intellectuals, Avi Azrieli and Uri
Avnery, present their respective reasons why they think the time has
come for Israel to stop being, as one of them put it, "America's
Rottweiler" in the Middle East and instead place its long term focus on
transforming itself into a genuine Middle Eastern society and state that
could hope to work out a mutually acceptable basis for productive
co-existance with its Arab neighbors.

International Herald Tribune <>
*Talking to the neighbors: It's time Israel embraced the Mideast *
*Avi Azrieli International Herald Tribune *

Israel's recent hopes for peace, fueled by the disengagement from Gaza
and elections won on plans to cede the West Bank, have given way to
another war and to grim talk of eternal fighting. Israelis now speak of
the Arabs' hate as a chronic disease that Israel is destined to live -
or die - with. To revive its hopes, Israel must dare to consider a
change of paradigm: transform itself into a Middle Eastern country.

While Israel has flourished economically and technologically by modeling
itself on the Western European culture of its early Ashkenazi pioneers,
the cultural alienation from its neighbors has intensified Israel's
pariah status in the region. Even the peace with Egypt and Jordan
remains cold, while hate toward Israel in the Arab street heats up to
new records.

Israel's current predicament is particularly unfortunate: Just as it had
once been America's Middle Eastern front against the Soviet Union, it
has now become a focal point in the conflict with Iran.

A change of paradigm for the intensely besieged Israeli society would
not be easy, and embracing the culture of the enemy could be confusing,
if not outright repulsive. Yet it is necessary and possible. Collapse )

Chris Keeley

Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth

Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth

Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth
Date:   Thu, 31 Aug 2006 10:33:09 -0400

*August 28, 2006*

 /Is Iran's President Really a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying
 Islamo-fascist who has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map"?/

 Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth

/Johannesburg, South Africa/
In this frightening mess in the Middle East, let's get one thing
straight. Iran is not threatening Israel with destruction. Iran's
president has not threatened any action against Israel. Over and over,
we hear that Iran is clearly "committed to annihilating Israel" because
the "mad" or "reckless" or "hard-line" President Ahmadinejad has
repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel But every supposed quote, every
supposed instance of his doing so, is wrong.

The most infamous quote, "Israel must be wiped off the map", is the most
glaringly wrong. In his October 2005 speech, Mr. Ahmadinejad never used
the word "map" or the term "wiped off". According to Farsi-language
experts like Juan Cole and even right-wing services like MEMRI, what he
actually said was "this regime that is occupying Jerusalem must vanish
from the page of time."
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Chris Keeley

Charley Reese on "Bigotry"--King Features 8/30/06

Charley Reese on "Bigotry"--King Features 8/30/06

*For Wednesday, August 30, 2006*


President George Bush's ignorance of the Middle East and its people is
well-known. So also is his habit of parroting words and sentences given
to him by other people. He hit a new low when he referred to

No two more opposite concepts are to be found. Fascism glorifies the
nation-state; Islam is transnational. Fascism demands slavish devotion
to a national leader; Muslims are far too independent-minded to be
slavish followers of anybody. Virtually all the people Saddam Hussein
murdered were people trying to overthrow him. Fascism is militaristic.
Islam is not.

Mr. Bush, who has dubbed himself the "war president," has made a
pathetic and absurd effort to picture himself as Winston Churchill
facing off against evil. He is no Churchill. Most of the enemies he
imagines, he has created himself.

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Chris Keeley

Paul Craig Roberts on The Five Morons--Counterpunch 8/30/06

*August 30, 2006*

 /They're Even Dumber Than We Thought/

 The Five Morons Revisited


When the neocons launched the Bush administration's invasions of
Afghanistan and Iraq and announced plans for invading Syria and Iran, I
labeled Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Rice "the five Morons."
With the passage of time I see that I over-estimated their mental

The "cakewalk" war has now lasted longer than World War II with Nazi
Germany, and no end is in sight. It has cost the US taxpayers $310
billion in out-of-pocket costs with many additional hundreds of billions
coming due in veterans' medical bills and other expenses yet to be paid.

To carry on the pointless war, which has achieved nothing but death,
destruction, and hatred of America, Bush has had to call up inactive
reserves who long ago completed their active duty service to their
country and have managed to get on with their lives. It is well known
that the older one gets the harder it is to find employment or the
energy to restart a mothballed business. But Bush is too busy saving us
from terrorism to care about people's lives.

Despite the lack of US troops and Bush's inability to prevail in
Afghanistan and Iraq, neocons in Bush's government are working around
the clock to instigate war with Iran and Syria.
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Chris Keeley

Alan Hart on "The end of the Zionist State?"--8/10/06

This is a very interesting and important article. The introductory
comment is from my friend and contemporary colleague at CIA, Haviland
Smith. The British author of the speech, Alan Hart, has put into words
what many observers, especially in Israel, are beginning to see as a
real possibility when they consider the question of Israel's long-term
future. His viewpoint deserves to be heard more often in debates on this
issue here in the United States.
Ray Close

The Beginning of the End of the Zionist State?*
This talk by Alan Hart must have shocked his audience at the
International Institute for Stragegic Studies, (IISS), a high-respected
think tank in London --- which was pressured to deny Mr. Hart a podium.
His views are so far from the conventional wisdom here that Americans
with blood pressure problems probably should not read on. Yet what Mr
Hart says represents the considered judgment of a remarkably
well-informed and seasoned observer of the mess in the Middle East --
and raises serious concerns that should not be swept under the rug, as
the enforcers of political correctness so often insist.. Censorship of
unpalatable views is the enemy of sound policy debate.


*Israeli militarism and the necessity of seeking a unified state in
by Alan Hart

New Civilisation Forum
International Institute for Strategic Studies, London

10 August 2006

I'm going to suggest to you that what we might now be witnessing is the
long beginning of the end of the Zionist state of Israel. In the next 10
minutes or so I will talk my way to an explanation of why I think so;
and then I'll address the question of what the most likely consequences
would be. I can see two – One State of Palestine for All and real,
lasting peace, or Catastrophe for All... and by "All" I don't just mean
Israeli Jews and the Arabs of the region, I mean all of us, everywhere.

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Chris Keeley

George Bush as a Saint - for a smile.

OK, not new, but pretty good.  May it help you through the day.

President George W. Bush was scheduled to visit the Episcopal Church
outside Washington as part of his campaign to restore his poll
standings. Bush's campaign manager made a visit to the Bishop, and said
to him, "We've been getting a lot of bad publicity because of the
president's position on stem cell research, the Iraq war, Katrina, and
the like. We'd gladly make a contribution to the church of $100,000 if
during your sermon you'd say the President is a saint."

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Chris Keeley

Soros on Israel

Bob: This interests me because George Soros is a billionaire and a Jew
and is saying Israel and the U.S. have made huge mistakes. Anne
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*From:* Michael Vachon <>

*Sent:* Thursday, August 31, 2006 2:13 AM
*Subject:* Soros on Israel

Dear Colleague:

I thought you would be interested in reading George Soros' most recent
opinion piece, published this morning in the Boston Globe. In it, he
applies his thinking on the weakness of the War on Terror concept to the
current situation in Israel.

To find out more about Soros' views on the War on Terror, the global
energy crisis and other important issues, visit George Soros' homepage
There you can download sections of his book "The Age of Fallibility:
Consequences of the War on Terror" and join our mailing list.

Michael Vachon

*Boston Globe*
August 31, 2006
By George Soros

The failure of Israel to subdue Hezbollah demonstrates the many
weaknesses of the war-on-terror concept. One of those weaknesses is that
even if the targets are terrorists, the victims are often innocent
civilians, and their suffering reinforces the terrorist cause.

In response to Hezbollah's attacks, Israel was justified in attacking
Hezbollah to protect itself against the threat of missiles on its
border. However, Israel should have taken greater care to minimize
collateral damage. The civilian casualties and material damage inflicted
on Lebanon inflamed Muslims and world opinion against Israel and
converted Hezbollah from aggressors to heroes of resistance for many.
Weakening Lebanon has also made it more difficult to rein in Hezbollah.

Another weakness of the war-on-terror concept is that it relies on
military action and rules out political approaches. Israel previously
withdrew from Lebanon and then from Gaza unilaterally, rather than
negotiating political settlements with the Lebanese government and the
Palestinian authority. The strengthening of Hezbollah and Hamas was a
direct consequence of that approach. The war-on-terror concept stands in
the way of recognizing this fact because it separates "us" from "them"
and denies that our actions help shape their behavior.

A third weakness is that the war-on-terror concept lumps together
different political movements that use terrorist tactics. It fails to
distinguish between Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda or the Sunni insurrection
and the Mahdi militia in Iraq. Yet all these terrorist manifestations,
being different, require different responses. Neither Hamas nor
Hezbollah can be treated merely as targets in the war on terror because
they have deep roots in their societies; yet there are profound
differences between them.

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