August 30th, 2006

Chris Keeley

The Dandy Warhols

The Dandy Warhols

I had these guys over at my house (kastro Sifnos Island Greece) last night until
sunrise (almost)  blew theirs mind with the tourquoise
blue water from Ted's (Sifnos radioacitve) boat.  Too bad my camera's on the Fritz...however the Drummer
Brent AKA FATHEAd took tons of photographs
and I expect him to send me afew.

The Band opened for the Rolling Stones in Barcelona and are on their way to Mexico today!

Chris Keeley

Two scholars say pro-Israel lobby has warped U.S. policy

Comment: Here is at least one newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, that
properly reported the Walt-Mearsheimer session on Monday. Compare this
informative piece with Milbank's snide bashing in the Washington Post.

*Sent:* Tuesday, August 29, 2006 11:09 PM
*Subject:* Two scholars say pro-Israel lobby has warped U.S. policy

*Two scholars say pro-Israel lobby has warped U.S. policy*

*By Frank James*

*Chicago** Tribune*

*August 28 2006*

* *

* *

WASHINGTON - Two scholars who created a controversy earlier this year
when they wrote that the pro-Israel lobby exerted too much influence
over U.S. foreign policy said Monday that the recent Israel-Hezbollah
war in Lebanon was yet another example of what they view as a dangerous

John Mearsheimer, a University of Chicago political science professor,
and Stephen Walt, a professor of international relations at Harvard
University's Kennedy School, said the U.S. government's unstinting
support for Israel's recent war in Lebanon once again placed the agenda
of what they call the Israel lobby ahead of U.S. strategic interests.

The result, they said, was that the U.S. position in the Middle East,
already strained due to the Iraq War, had worsened with consequences
that wouldn't just be bad for America, but Israel as well.

"One, Iran and Syria are more likely to continue arming and supporting
Hezbollah," Mearsheimer said.

"Two, Iran and Syria have even more reason to keep the U.S. pinned down
in Iraq so it's not attacked by U.S. troops," he said. "Three, Iran has
more reason than ever to acquire nuclear weapons so it can deter an
Israeli or U.S. attack on its homeland."

Mearsheimer and Walt, who appeared at an event hosted by the Council on
American Islamic Relations, singled out the American-Israel Public
Affairs Council as the leading example of the how the lobby has warped
U.S. policy. It was the same point they made in their essay called "The
Israel Lobby" that was published in March in the London Review of Books.
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