August 21st, 2006

Chris Keeley

Salim El Hoss: An Open Letter to the American President

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck

Transmitted below is an open letter to President Bush from Salim El
Hoss, an eminently "moderate" many-times prime minister of Lebanon who
is widely known as the "conscience of Lebanon". While it was written on
August 1, its sentiments, which are widely held even among "moderates"
in the Arab world, are unlikely to have been moderated by anything that
has happened since -- notably including the obscenely pro-Israel
Resolution 1701 imposed on the Security Council by the United States and
France, which seeks to legitimize and reward aggression and war crimes
and to achieve for Israel by "diplomatic" means what Israel was unable
to achieve for itself by military means. (It won't work, but the effort
will add to the bitterness and hatred directed at the West.)

*An open letter to the American president *

By Salim El Hoss, former prime minister of Lebanon

The Daily Star, August 3, 2006

Dear Mr. Bush,

We heard you express your regrets regarding the casualties of "Israel's"
ravaging war against my country, Lebanon.

I hope you have been furnished with a true profile of the atrocities
being perpetrated in my country. You pose as being at war with
terrorism. Let me honestly tell you: Charity starts at home.
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Chris Keeley


From:   Richard Partridge
To:     Robert V. Keeley

Of interest.

N. P.

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 "Look What You've Done!"

AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon


16 August 2006

"My fellow American," Howard Friedman, President of AIPAC,
begins his letter of July 30 to friends and supporters of
AIPAC, "Look what you've done"! After warning that "Israel
is fighting a pivotal war for its life," by which he means
Israel's wanton slaughter and all-out destruction in
Lebanon, Freiedman condemns "the expected chorus of
international condemnation of Israel's actions" and
Europe's call for "a cease-fire immediately." Then he
exults: "only ONE nation in the world came out and flatly
declared: Let Israel finish the job. . That nation is the
United States of America--and the reason it had such a
clear, unambiguous view of the situation is YOU and the
rest of America Jewry." (All emphases in the original here
and below.) Here I must take issue with President Friedman
since I bet that most Jewish Americans, in contrast to the
AIPAC crowd, were horrified by the slaughter in Lebanon.
In fact if anyone other than President Friedman wrote
this, he would be accused of fabricating a Jewish plot and
labeled a nutty conspiracy theorist and scurrilous

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Chris Keeley

Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba, are serene, more traditional displays at the Eternal Gandhi museum.

Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba, are serene, more traditional displays at the Eternal Gandhi museum.

NEW DELHI -- Gandhi is now available at the push of a button. The frail, half-naked ascetic who fought British colonial oppression with nonviolence and austerity is the focus of a multimedia museum here, his life, values and words popping out from computer screens, laser beams, musical bamboo poles...

Life-size models of Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba, are serene, more traditional displays at the Eternal Gandhi museum. Life-size models of Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba, are serene, more traditional displays at the Eternal Gandhi museum.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Gandhi Museum
Related Article: Pushbutton Gandhi: The Mahatma Goes Multimedia,

Chris Keeley

Questions for Karen Hughes by FSO(R) John Brown

*Questions for Karen Hughes *
*by John Brown*

/“When I was young and irresponsible, I sometimes acted young and
/--Karen Hughes, Ten Minutes from Normal, p. 61

*1. *Your appointment as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy
and Public Affairs in July 2005 was met with high expectations, given
your confidante status with President George W. Bush, in whose political
campaigns you played a key communications role.

The position you hold today, according to the State Department homepage,
“helps ensure that public diplomacy (engaging, informing, and
influencing key international audiences) is practiced in harmony with
public affairs (outreach to Americans) and traditional diplomacy to
advance U.S. interests and security and to provide the moral basis for
U.S. leadership in the world.”

Now, more than one year after your appointment, there are indications in
Washington coming from a local think tank that you are under pressure to
leave your job. Before you depart government service -- if in fact you
will be leaving -- allow me ask you a few questions regarding American
public diplomacy with you at the helm.
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Chris Keeley



Subject:        Lebanon
Date:   Sat, 19 Aug 2006 17:52:43 -0400
From:   Richard Partridge
To:     Robert V. Keeley

Of interest.

N. P.

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July 22, 2006

The Shame of Being an American

by Paul Craig Roberts

*G*entle reader, do you know that Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing
in southern Lebanon? Israel has ordered all the villagers to clear out.
Israel then destroys their homes and murders the fleeing villagers. That
way there is no one to come back and nothing to which to return, making
it easier for Israel to grab the territory, just as Israel has been
stealing Palestine from the Palestinians.

Do you know that one-third of the Lebanese civilians murdered by
Israel's attacks on civilian residential districts are children? That is
the report from Jan Egeland, the emergency relief coordinator for the
UN. He says it is impossible for help to reach the wounded and those
buried in rubble, because Israeli air strikes have blown up all the
bridges and roads. Considering how often (almost always) Israel misses
Hezbollah targets and hits civilian ones, one might think that Israeli
fire is being guided by US satellites and US military GPS. Don't be
surprised at US complicity. Why would the puppet be any less evil than
the puppet master?

Of course, you don't know these things, because the US print and TV
media do not report them.
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Chris Keeley

Ghayth Armanazi: "Israel has already lost this war" (INDEPENDENT)

Subject:        Ghayth Armanazi: "Israel has already lost this war" (INDEPENDENT)
Date:   Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:13:47 +0300
From:   John Whitbeck

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck

Transmitted below is an analysis by the former Arab League Ambassador to
the United Kingdom which, in my view, rings true.

*Israel** has already lost this war*

*/From now on it will be difficult - and lonely - to be a moderate voice
in the Middle East/*

Ghayth Armanazi

The Independent,

August 11, 2006

Israel's war in Lebanon may yet last for a while. But, for all intents
and purposes, Israel has lost what the Arabic satellite station has
coined the "Sixth War", in reference to the list of major conflicts
involving Israel that have erupted since the First war of 1948.

Every war is won or lost not by measure of the cold statistics of
hardware or lives - or even territory - lost or consumed by the
protagonists at the end of hostilities. Rather, it must be seen against
the overall strategic picture that emerges through the dust of battle.
The Sixth War is going to leave an indelible mark on that strategic
picture - and it will not make pretty viewing for the Israelis or their
US backers.

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Chris Keeley

Rashid Khalidi: "Hezbollah Gaining Strength" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)

Subject:        Rashid Khalidi: "Hezbollah Gaining Strength" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)
Date:   Mon, 21 Aug 2006 18:33:20 +0300
From:   John Whitbeck
TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck

Transmitted below is a perceptive article by Columbia University
professor Rashid Khalidi, published in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

*Hezbollah gaining strength where democracy once dwelt*

By Rashid Khalidi, a professor of Arab studies at the Middle East
Institute at Columbia University

Chicago Tribune, August 13, 2006

President Bush recently said that it was necessary to get to "the root
of the problem" in Lebanon. By this, Bush certainly did not mean
Israel's 18-year occupation of south Lebanon that created Hezbollah
following the 1982 invasion. Nor did he mean Israel's 39-year-plus
occupation in Palestine. For him, the problem is Hezbollah's nature as a
"terrorist organization," which is how it is framed in most of the
American media.

It is worth considering how Hezbollah is now regarded elsewhere. As
recently as a month ago in democratic Lebanon, (touted by the Bush
administration as a great achievement of its Middle East policy), there
were sharp differences over Hezbollah, its armed presence in south
Lebanon and its links with Syria and Iran. The Lebanese government and
much of the country's political establishment were closely aligned with
the United States and France in opposing Hezbollah. Few observers,
however, paid attention to the fact that all the elected representatives
of the largest community in Lebanon, the Shiites, were not part of this
happy consensus.

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