July 13th, 2006

Chris Keeley

Grey Lodge

Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, rare Orson Welles and David Lynch shorts, Charles Manson on the Today Show, Psychic TV, a Sid and Nancy TV interview

Grey Lodge


Culture Hacking


Increasingly, rare and avant-garde films are showing up on sites like these, best known for hosting homemade video spoofs. On YouTube, there are 1969 art videos by Nam June Paik, a 1967 student movie by George Lucas and an iconic 1930 film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, as well as a clip of Dalí in a chocolate commercial.

It's the latest reflection of an online culture where fans can function as curators of digital entertainment, bypassing libraries and museums with their own collections of music or movies. In many cases, these rare film clips are posted by amateur film buffs who've scooped up film reels or rare VHS tapes from eBay or local sales, and then digitized them for online viewing. A handful of Web sites and blogs, such as the Greylodge Podcasting Company (www.greylodge.org/gpc), link to the clips, many of which aren't available on DVD.

Greylodge regularly posts links to cool arty stuff on YouTube and elsewhere. Use this link to pull posts from their blog tagged with the post category "link dump," and here's the latest with an insanely long list of wonderful, rare stuff: - Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, rare Orson Welles and David Lynch shorts, Charles Manson on the Today Show, Psychic TV, a Sid and Nancy TV interview, the Avengers live at the Mabuhay... wow. Subscribe to their video linkdump RSS feed here.

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In 1968, Floyd toured with Jimi Hendrix, but Barrett's voracious drug use made him a less and less r

Barrett conjured up as a tribute to two gritty blues guitarists from the Carolinas, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, both born in the early 1900s.

Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett, 60; As Drugs Took Toll, Key Figure in Pink Floyd Was Exiled From Band

By Geoff Boucher
Times Staff Writer

July 12, 2006

Syd Barrett, an enigmatic figure in rock history as the founding frontman of Pink Floyd and a young drug casualty who was exiled from the band on the brink of its staggering stardom, died Friday after years in seclusion. He was 60.

Barrett died of complications from diabetes, according to news reports in London.

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Rosa Loy

Rosa Loy explores deeply personal themes: the sense of isolation and loneliness after her family’s move from her childhood village to Leipzig; the interpretation of her dreams; color symbolism; and, perhaps most importantly, the spiritual realm.


Rosa Loy... Exorzismus (2006, Casein on cavnas). From the exhibition Rosa Loy: 9 Wege at David Zwirner Gallery in New York, NY. 

their motives are ambiguous – discreet levels of meaning are hidden amid coded and murky symbols. In many of the works, twins or doubles appear. 


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japanese gallery of psychiatric art

Here's a gallery of (mostly unsettling) Japanese advertisements (1956-2003) for psychiatric drugs.


More vintage psych drug ads

Drugad Here's a gallery of (mostly unsettling) Japanese advertisements (1956-2003) for psychiatric drugs. (Previous post about vintage pharma ads here.) This is an ad for Serenace (haloperidol), an anti-psychotic, from a 1970 issue of Psychiatria et Neurologia Japonica.
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Savor the sound with no distractions

Radiohead is my favorite band in the world

Thom Yorke interviewed on "Fresh Air"

Yesterday on the radio program Fresh Air, host Terry Gross interviewed Radiohead lead singer and songwriter Thom Yorke. He talks with Terry about his first solo release, "The Eraser," produced with Nigel Godrich and released this week.

Radiohead is my favorite band in the world, but I've been holding off on listening to Yorke's solo release. The conditions must be perfect. First I have to find a cold (it's 100 degrees here in LA) black cave (with excellent hi-fi) in the Karokorum (or Santa Monica, whatever) and hole up for a week listening to it. Savor the sound with no distractions, the way my dog does with newly acquired chew-toys.

link to Fresh Air interview, and Amazon link to "The Eraser."

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The three drugs, whose generic names are tenofovir, emtricitabine and efavirenz, are reverse transcr

the pill may be especially important to HIV-positive people who remember the early days of HIV drug cocktails when patients took 30 or more pills daily

Once-a-Day HIV Pill Approved

The combination of three drugs is the first of its kind to require one prescription in one daily dose. A simpler regimen may slow resistance.
By Thomas H. Maugh II
Times Staff Writer

July 13, 2006

Fulfilling a long-held goal of AIDS researchers, federal regulators Wednesday approved the first anti-HIV drug that requires patients to take only one pill once a day.

The drug, called Atripla, combines the three most widely prescribed HIV drugs into one pill, providing patients with a simpler medication regimen.

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Chris Keeley

police have confirmed a man found dead in a London park Tuesday was a potential witness in the Enron

Blair Adviser Arrested
In Britain, a top adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair was arrested Wednesday. The adviser, Lord Levy is also the leading fundraiser for Blair’s Labour party. Police are investigating whether Labour offered donors state honors in return for million-dollar loans.

Enron Witness Found Dead in London
In other news from Britain, police have confirmed a man found dead in a London park Tuesday was a potential witness in the Enron fraud case. The man, Neil Coulbeck, was a former employee of the Royal Bank of Scotland. He had been interviewed by the FBI about the role of Bank of Scotland subsidiary NatWest in selling off part of its Enron unit. His death comes as Britain is locked in an internal political struggle over the extradition of three NatWest bankers to the United States. The three are being extradited under a treaty critics say is one-sided because the US has yet to ratify it.

Ex-Houston Mayor Collapses At Lay Funeral
Meanwhile in Houston, former Houston mayor Bob Lanier collapsed Wednesday as he attended the memorial service for Enron founder Ken Lay. Former President George Bush, his wife Barbara and former Secretary of State James Baker were among those in attendance.

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Robert Novak's decision to break his silence about his role in the CIA leak investigation has left o

But the failure to publicly name the person who initially identified Plame and her employer has left open major questions of motive and circumstances behind one of the biggest scandals of the Bush years — whether the disclosure was a political dirty trick, a momentary lapse in judgment or something in between.

CIA Leak Case Source No. 1 Still a Mystery

Columnist reveals that he cooperated with the special prosecutor but chooses not to name the Bush official who started it all.
By Richard B. Schmitt
Times Staff Writer

July 13, 2006

WASHINGTON — Columnist Robert Novak's decision to break his silence about his role in the CIA leak investigation has left one crucial question unanswered: Who was the administration official who gave him the tip that has occupied a special prosecutor and Beltway pundits for three years?

Novak's July 14, 2003, column publicly identifying CIA officer Valerie Plame triggered a federal investigation into whether the Bush administration had retaliated against a critic of its Iraq policy by blowing the covert status of his wife.

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At the age of 36, Jon Sarkin was a chiropractor living a conventional New England life. Then he suffered a massive stroke. Though the debilitating aftereffects left him with double vision, slurred speech, and deafness in one ear, the artist within him emerged: today he creates elaborate drawings and paintings with images and words (and Tom Cruise’s production company has acquired the rights to his life story). Sarkin, the brother of V.F. features editor Jane Sarkin, makes art that brings to mind Jean-Michel Basquiat and Ralph Steadman. His work is featured in the prestigious Annual Exhibition at the DeCordova Museum, outside of Boston, through August 20; selected works can also be seen at the Earl McGrath Gallery, in Los Angeles, from July 13 to 18. Herewith, VF.com takes a look at some essential Sarkin. —JESSICA FLINT