June 30th, 2006

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Megophias Megophias

Megophias Megophias



As of yet, only 2% of the ocean has been explored. And last year alone, over 13,000 previously undiscoverd new species were discovered. So what does one call an undiscovered species?

In 1892 Dr. Anthonid Cornelis Oudemans, director of the Dutch Royal Zoological Gardens at the Hague, published his definitive work on cryptozoology – long before cryptozoology was even a popular idea. Titled The Great Sea-Serpent, this comprehensive work not only describes some 150 sightings (dating back to the 16th century) but also presents various hoaxes and alternative theories.


Oudemans dared to name the Sea-serpent: Megophias megophias. He concluded that the infamous cryptid was something very much like an elongated seal. For this and his other varied conclusions, the reception of the volume was "respectful but cold."


But you can judge it for yourself... a PDF of Oudemans' The Great Sea-Serpent (illustrations and all) has been online for some time. Have fun!


Oudemans may have written the book on sea-serpents but it's Bernard Heuvelmans who is broadly recognized to have been the father of cryptozoology. In 1958 he wrote his ground-breaking volume entitled On the Track of Unknown Animals. But I'm much more interested in his 1968 volume, In the Wake of Sea-Serpents. Because I like the ocean. It's blue.  And mysterious. And I like the idea of undiscovered creatures in the ocean. And the book is fun to read (or browse through).

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Man Ray

Man Ray

America the Contradictory
Man Ray Trust/Artists Rights Society

"La Fortune," by Man Ray.

La Fortune," by Man Ray

Cindy Sherman's "Untitled Film Still #35" (1979) 

Barbara Kruger's "Untitled (Thinking of You)," a screenprint on vinyl, from 1999-2000

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Chameleon ?

The rhinoceros iguana is one of 60 creatures featured in "Lizards & Snakes: Alive!" at the American Museum of Natural History
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Regular readers of my blog are painfully aware that I recently switched to Ubuntu after 22 years of servitude to Apple. Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning “can’t install Debian”. One thing I neglected to mention about my switch is EasyUbuntu, an application designed to take all the pain out of violating patents, breaking laws, and compromising the very principles that led you to Linux in the first place
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Sweet Neo Con

Sweet Neo Con

Rolling Stones

It's liberty for all
'Cause democracy's our style
Unless you are against us
Then it's prison without trial"
--"Sweet Neo Con"
The Rolling Stones
(Mark Seliger / AP)
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Living With War

Living With War

Neil Young

"I'm living with war every day
I'm living with war in my heart
   every day
I'm living with war right now
And when the dawn breaks
I see my fellow man
And on the flat-screen we kill
   and we're killed again
And when the night falls,
   I pray for peace
Try to remember peace (visualize)
Don't take no tidal wave
Don't take no mass grave
Don't take no smokin' gun
To show how the west was won."

Neil Young
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the military tribunals violated both the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Convention

the military tribunals violated both the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Convention

Guantanamo Attorney: The Supreme Court Ruling on Tribunals Proves “The Entire Structure of the War on Terror is Unlawful”

Friday, June 30th, 2006


In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has rebuked the Bush administration for forming military tribunals to try detainees at Guantanamo Bay. In a 5-3 ruling, the court said the military tribunals violated both the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Convention. We speak with Barbara Olshansky, an attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights which filed two briefs in the Hamdan case, and has represented scores Guantanamo detainees. [includes rush transcript]


In a major defeat for the Bush administration, the Supreme Court has ruled against the use of military tribunals to try Guantanamo detainees. The White House established the tribunals in the months after 9/11 for detainees captured in the so-called war on terror. The tribunals placed several restrictions on the suspects, including limited access to the evidence used against them. In a five to three vote Thursday, the Court ruled the practice violates US and international law. Chief Justice John Roberts recused himself from the case. He had previously taken part in a federal appeals court decision that had rejected a challenge to the legality of the commissions. 
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The embrace of graffiti by high culture goes back to Jean Dubuffet and Cy Twombly

In Brooklyn: "Poverty" (1984) by the graffiti artist Kwame Monroe, a k a Bear 165

Brooklyn Museum

the story of an unusual convergence of avant-garde high culture and grass-roots youth culture, with each side bringing its own sets of values, understandings and aspirations.

Graffiti" is on view through Sept. 3 at the Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, at Prospect Park; (718) 638-5000
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84% of National Security Experts Say U.S. Not Winning War on Terror

NYT: Decision "A Historic Event, a Defining Moment”
The New York Times called the decision a "historic event, a defining moment in the ever-shifting balance of power." Ben Wizner of the American Civil Liberties Union hailed the Supreme Court’s ruling.

  • Ben Wizner: "It's a very important decision today. And we have to remember what Guantanamo is. Guantanamo was an attempt on behalf of the administration to create an island outside the law; to bring these detainees to a place where no law applied to them and where the United States could do whatever it wanted to them. And what the Supreme Court said today is that even in Guantanamo Bay, U.S. law and international law apply, and if we're going to try these people for crimes, we have to try them under a legal system - not a system that we make up as we go along."

Scalia, Alito, Thomas Back Military Tribunals
Voting in favor of the military tribunals were three justices: Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas. For the first time in his 15 years on the court Thomas read part of his dissent from the bench. He said the court’s decision would ’sorely hamper the president’s ability to confront and defeat a new and deadly enemy.’” Chief Justice John Roberts abstained from the case because he had ruled on the case in favor of the military tribunals when he served as a federal judge. Unknown at the time of that ruling was that Roberts was already being interviewed by the White House for a seat on the Supreme Court. 

Justices Say U.S. Must Follow Geneva Conventions
The impact of the case is expected to go well beyond Guantanamo as the justices ruled that the so-called war on terror must be fought under international rules. Legal experts say the ruling challenges the Bush administration’s legal defense of harsh interrogation methods, the CIA’s secret prisons and the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program. The court ruled that the Geneva Convention must apply to detainees captured in the war on terror. [The Los Angeles Times reported “The real blockbuster in the Hamdan decision is the court's holding that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention applies to the conflict with Al Qaeda — a holding that makes high-ranking Bush administration officials potentially subject to prosecution under the federal War Crimes Act.”] In Thursday’s ruling, Justice John Paul Stevens wrote “the Executive is bound to comply with the Rule of Law that prevails in this jurisdiction.” 

84% of National Security Experts Say U.S. Not Winning War on Terror
A new poll of one hundred leading counter-terrorism and national security experts has found that 84 percent believe the U.S. is not winning the war on terror. And 87 percent of the experts said the war in Iraq is hurting the global antiterrorism campaign. The poll was conducted by the magazine Foreign Policy and the Center for American Progress. One former CIA official who described himself as a conservative Republican, said the war in Iraq has provided global terrorist groups with a recruiting bonanza and a valuable training ground

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The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada


The Devil Wears Prada is a 2003 novel by Lauren Weisberger about a young woman who, fresh from college, gets a job working as a personal assistant to a powerful fashion magazine editor that turns increasingly hellish as she struggles to keep up with her boss's capricious and demeaning requests.

A prime example of "chick lit," the novel was widely seen as a roman à clef about Vogue magazine and its iconic editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, since Weisberger worked there as an intern. Although she denies the story's editor is modeled on Wintour, many readers believed otherwise, which helped propel the book to the bestseller list.

A film based on the novel, starring Meryl Streep, Adrian Grenier and Anne Hathaway, was released in summer 2006.

 The Devil Wears Prada Movie Stills: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Adrian Grenier, David Frankel

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the shark suspended in formaldehyde isn't aging well

Hirst “did not inject the deep tissues of the shark with formaldehyde and this has caused it to undergo some changes in shape

Hirst's shark in tank needs replacing

The subject of artist Damien Hirst's famous 1991 work "The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living" needs to be replaced. Apparently, the shark suspended in formaldehyde isn't aging well. Hirst has said that he will happily refurbish the piece, purchased in 2004 from the Saatchi Gallery by US hedge fund manager Steve Cohen for a reported £6.5m. From The Art Newspaper:
 Tmp  Imgart Junehirst Oliver Crimmen, curator of fish at the Natural History Museum who advised Hirst on the necessary measures to be taken for the conservation of the shark in 1991, said the long-term preservation of large specimens for scientific purposes requires an alcohol-based solution rather than formaldehyde...

Mr Crimmen said that Hirst “did not inject the deep tissues of the shark with formaldehyde and this has caused it to undergo some changes in shape.” He believes the tissue of the shark could be shrinking and put the cloudiness of the formaldehyde down to the chemical composition of the solution used by the artist.

Speaking to critic Stuart Morgan in 1996, Hirst said: “I did an interview about conservation and they told me formaldehyde is not a perfect form of preservation... They actually thought I was using formaldehyde to preserve an artwork for posterity, when in reality I use it to communicate an idea.”
Link (via Fortean Times)
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Mr. Eppolito and Mr. Caracappa had participated, as paid assassins, in at least eight murders for th

Judge Throws Out 'Mafia Cops' Convictions

In a shell-shocking written order, a federal judge ruled today that, despite overwhelming evidence of "heinous and violent crimes," the two retired detectives at the center of what has been known as the Mafia Cops corruption case should be acquitted of all federal rackeetering charges because the statute of limitations in their case had run out.

The ruling by the judge, Jack B. Weinstein of Federal District Court in Brooklyn, reverses almost in its entirety the conviction of the two detectives, Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, who were found guilty in April of some of the most spectacular corruption charges in the city's history. Although a jury found that Mr. Eppolito and Mr. Caracappa had participated, as paid assassins, in at least eight murders for the mob, the judge's order vacated the murder verdicts on legal — if not evidentiary — grounds.

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Former New York City police detective Louis Eppolito exits Brooklyn Federal Court in New York, in th

Former New York City police detective Louis Eppolito exits Brooklyn Federal Court in New York, in this Thursday, July 21, 2005, file photo. (AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano) (Louis Lanzano - AP) 

Judge Tosses 'Mafia Cops' Conviction

The Associated Press
Friday, June 30, 2006; 3:27 PM


NEW YORK -- A judge on Friday threw out a racketeering murder conviction against two detectives accused of moonlighting as hitmen for the mob, saying the statute of limitations had expired on the slayings.

U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein also granted a new trial to the defendants, Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, on money laundering and drug charges.

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Horses to Horsepower

November 13, 1933). "...Frank Lloyd Wright's 1929 L29 Cord Phaeton automobile and an overturned Choles Floral Company delivery truck, driven by Frost Choles, 


at an accident scene at Lakeview north of Oregon, corner of Lakeview Road Highway B and Oregon Road Highway MM


Frank Lloyd Wright - Choles Crash Frank Lloyd Wright - Choles Crash 

Máto-Tópe, a Mandan Chief
Máto-Tópe, a Mandan Chief
Image ID: WHi-6772