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Panasonic Announces Availability Of The Lumix DMC-L1
In The United States

Company’s First Digital SLR Camera Comes To North America



SECAUCUS, NJ (June 21, 2006) – Panasonic Corporation of North America (NYSE: MC) today announced the availability of its first digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera with an interchangeable lens, the DMC-L1, in the United States . The camera will be available beginning early September for a suggested retail price of $1,999. The camera comes equipped with a LEICA D VARIO-ELMARIT lens featuring the industry's first optical image stabilization system – MEGA O.I.S – designed specifically for the Leica lens.


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zoomorphic calligraphy

zoomorphic calligraphy


Zoomorphic calligraphy

 2Artwork Hassanmusad2 Developed in Turkey, India, and Iran in the 15th century, "zoomorphic calligraphy" is "not a matter of script metamorphosing into living forms which are also readable letters, but of using script to delineate such forms." That definition comes from a paper by Robert Hillenbrand, Professor of Islamic Art at the University of Edinburgh. This illustration, by Hassan Musa from Sudan, appeared in the 1994 book Mon Premier Dictionnaire Francais-Anglis Tout En Arabe. More info on the topic at BibliOdyssey.

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60,000 District residents, or 12 percent of the population, have a substance abuse problem

About 60,000 District residents, or 12 percent of the population, have a substance abuse problem, according to the D.C. Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration. Partly as a result, police say, liquor stores, food carryouts and gas stations stock items used in the illegal drug trade, including tiny rose vases that double as crack pipes, rolling papers used to smoke marijuana and small plastic bags used to package drugs.

And signs of progress are popping up. Next to the cooler of Wild Irish Rose and Thunderbird malt liquors at King's Mini Market in Anacostia, for instance, is a sign alerting patrons that the store no longer sells crack pipes and rolling papers.

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Mr. Teplin's delightfully inventive drawing is like a conference call among Dr. Seuss, R. Crumb, Ed Ruscha and Rube Goldberg. Words like moron, flap jack and bonus hole are dug into the ground, constructed from industrial steel or whirling in space, while floating beds, gobs of mud, circulating tubes, spurting, gnarly nipples and disembodied mouths convey a spirit of gleeful surrender to the mind's own perversely polymorphous energies.


Scott Teplin

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Overdoses peaked between April 13 and April 19, when 105 people suffered heroin-related overdoses.

dealers peddling heroin that they were calling "drop dead," "lethal injection," and "killer instinct" spread, police began to divert investigators from other parts of the city to work full time on a task force dedicated to rooting out the Fentanyl supply.

The Dearborn Homes housing project and a South Side house this morning, executing dozens of arrest warrants for street gang members believed to control much of the Fentanyl that has killed more than 60 heroin users in the Chicago area.

12 officers and agents launched "Operation Snakebite" by raiding the South Side house of an alleged ranking member of the gang.

Dearborn Homes is the heart of the Mickey Cobras' drug-dealing turf, and it was the location where dozens of fatal overdoses began in February. While the raid may not eradicate the presence of Fentanyl in Chicago or other American cities struggling with the epidemic of overdoses,
Chris Keeley

an alleged drug dealer claimed an associate had a videotape of the mayor using cocaine

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- Mayor John Fabrizi admitted Tuesday he had abused cocaine while in office and said he wanted to apologize "to all the people of the city"--but had no plans to resign.

Fabrizi said he had not used drugs in 18 months and had sought help for a drug addiction that he had hoped to handle privately.

He also said he stopped drinking alcohol four months ago.

Fabrizi first admitted he had used cocaine to the editorial board of the Connecticut Post, which reported the admission Tuesday. He would not tell the Post how he obtained cocaine, but said he occasionally spent $20 or $40 to purchase it. The mayor offered to take periodic drug tests if anyone doubts he has stopped using cocaine.

The admission followed the inadvertent release of an FBI document in which an alleged drug dealer claimed an associate had a videotape of the mayor using cocaine.