April 23rd, 2006

Chris Keeley

Hello from Alana in NZ


Dear loved ones

Im sending you this email to let you know that i have been busy in the
recording studio and thought you may like to hear the music i have
been making.  I am releasing my songs through b-side records aotearoa
ltd, an independant label.  My music is now available over the
internet and is included on the latest b-side release, due to be in
stores soon, called HOLY COW.   There are preview tracks to hear on
the site - it is has been a labour of love getting it all together.

I am well and happy and living in Raglan on the west coast of nz.  Its
a small town of 3000 and its been good for me living here as ive got
alot of work completed and new works in progress.  Please leave me a
message on the site if you wish, and also please pass this link on to
any friends that you think may be interested (yes, a little bit of
viral marketing but hey its a whole new world).  Furthermore, if you
know of a musician who you would like to help and you think they cut
the mustard, but need help in getting their music out there - please
send them this link and tell them to email me, i will do the best i
can to help them, maybe they could get their work onto the next b-side
compliation album - music and the non traditional artist is what
b-side records is all about.

Sending you much love and many good wishes

(aka Miss La)

-- Follow this link to find out what's new at b-side records:
Chris Keeley

Nearly half of the permanent population consists of Spanish-speakers from mainland Chile, which took

Tomas Munita for The New York Times

Benedicto Tuki Pate.

An Artist Sets Sail, but South Pacific Pulls Him Home

MOE ROA, Easter Island

WHEN Benedicto Tuki Pate was a child growing up here in the early 1950's, contact with the outside world was limited to a single supply ship that called just once a year. There was no radio, no hospital and no store here on this remote speck of land in the heart of the South Pacific.

"To me back then, the world was this island and this island was the world," Mr. Tuki said. "We were very, very isolated and hadn't read anything and didn't know anything about any other place or people, not even Tahiti," the closest group of islands, some 2,000 miles northwest of here.

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Chris Keeley

Well, this isn't about intel anymore. This is about regime change.'''

Report: Ex - CIA Official Blasts White House

Filed at 9:47 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The former chief of the CIA's European operation is accusing the White House of ignoring the spy agency's doubts that Iraq had a budding nuclear program or weapons of mass destruction as the U.S. prepared for war.

''The policy was set. The war in Iraq was coming and they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy,'' Tyler Drumheller told CBS' ''60 Minutes'' for an interview to be broadcast Sunday night. The network released excerpts ahead of the airing.

The White House has denied that intelligence, while flawed, was exaggerated or manipulated in the months before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

Drumheller, who retired last year, said the White House ignored crucial information from a high and credible source who claimed that there were no active programs for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. ''60 Minutes'' identified the source as Iraq's foreign minister, Naji Sabri, with whom U.S. spies had made a deal.

CIA Director George Tenet delivered the information to President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and other high-ranking officials in September 2002, according to Drumheller. A few days later the administration said it was no longer interested.

Drumheller said he was told about the exchange that followed: ''And we said, 'Well, what about the intel?' And they said, 'Well, this isn't about intel anymore. This is about regime change.'''

CIA spokesman Tom Crispell said Saturday that Drumheller's remarks do not reflect the views of the agency.

Chris Keeley


A Break for Code Breakers on a C.I.A. Mystery

For nearly 16 years, puzzle enthusiasts have labored to decipher an 865-character coded message stenciled into a sculpture on the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency's headquarters in Langley, Va. This week, the sculptor gave them an unsettling but hopeful surprise: part of the message they thought they had deciphered years ago actually says something else.

The sculpture, titled "Kryptos," the Greek word for "hidden," includes an undulating sheet of copper with a message devised by the sculptor, Jim Sanborn, and Edward M. Scheidt, a retired chairman of the C.I.A.'s cryptographic center.

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Chris Keeley

New York Times changed the earlier accurate version of a story on testimony on secret CIA prisons in


Secret Prisons: NYTimes Alters Story To Favor BushCo

Sun Apr 23, 2006 at 01:20:10 AM PDT

The New York Times changed the earlier accurate version of a story on testimony on secret CIA prisons in Europe (a story first reported in depth by Dana Priest and for which she won the Pulitzer Prize) by the EU counterterrorism chief Gijs DeVries, to an inaccurate version that favored the Bush Administration.

The EARLIER Times story reported that
Chris Keeley

An honest accounting of a life lies half-smothered in these pages: a true fable of a writer whom the

Getty Images

Erica Jong.

Seducing the Demon: Writing for My Life,' by Erica Jong

How to Save Your Own Life

IN the long annals of the Mini-Me, few have dogged their creators' footsteps or keystrokes with the relentless persistence of Isadora Wing.

Erica Jong's Jong-like character exploded American sexual consciousness when she hurtled into view in 1973 as the heroine of "Fear of Flying." She ripped open the inner world of women's erotic appetites and wounds, a world then terrifying both to men and to many feminists. Breezy, brainy, ironic, truth-telling, her heart boldly on her sleeve — when she was wearing a sleeve — Isadora catapulted her rather nerdy young poet-author to distinction among 20th-century American novelists. In the process, she permanently liberated the word "zip" from its confining monogamous marriage to "code."

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