April 22nd, 2006

Chris Keeley


President Bush recently went to a primary school in Macon, Georgia, 
> to talk about the
> world. After his talk, he asked if the children had any questions. 
> One little boy put up
> his hand, and the president asked him his name.
> "Kenneth."
> "And what is your question, Kenneth?"
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Chris Keeley


Subject:        Hamas
Date:   Sat, 22 Apr 2006 08:19:37 -0400
From:   Robert Keeley
To:     Tim Burger <tim_burger@timemagazine.com>

  Thanks for sending me the reporting on Negroponte. I can comment on
one point, based on my visit to the region in January-February to
observe the Palestinian  elections as a member of a delegation from the
Council for the National Interest. The intelligence failure (failing to
predict the Hamas victory) came from having to rely on public opinion
polls, which of course could have been flawed owing to poor sampling.
But none of our diplomats talk to Hamas. They are forbidden because it
is listed as a terrorist organization. We talked to the head of the
outfit (in Damascus), the new foreign minister (in Gaza) and a leader in
Hebron, and we learned a lot. Our diplomats (I don't know about spies)
don't visit Gaza, ever since three security contractors were killed
there. And--a little known fact that I haven't seen reported
anywhere--our Consulate General in Jerusalem, which is supposed to cover
the Palestinians, now is required to send its reports to Washington
through our embassy in Tel Aviv. Prior to that change it reported
directly to Washington as an independent post, which I can assure you
guaranteed that its reporting would be unvarnished, whereas the embassy
in Tel Aviv can now provide any varnish it wishes. I don't know that the
embassy does that, but it sure is a risk. Is it any wonder that we don't
know what the hell is going on in the Palestinian territories?

Robert V. Keeley
Chris Keeley

Uri Avnery on the Israel Lobby--4/22/06

Uri Avnery

Who's the dog? Who's the tail?

I DON'T usually tell these stories, because they might give rise to the
suspicion that I am paranoid.

For example: 27 years ago, I was invited to give a lecture-tour in 30
American universities, including all the most prestigious ones -
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Berkeley and so on. My host was the
Fellowship of Reconciliation, a respected non-Jewish organization, but
the lectures themselves were to be held under the auspices of the Jewish
Bet-Hillel chaplains.

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Chris Keeley

Bill Maher: Catastrophe that Walks Like a Man

slightly sacrigeous perhaps but sent to me by a friend who is fervent
catholic/ex-neo-con so i guess it's ok

Bill Maher's closing bit the other night:

"Mr. President, this job can't be fun for you any more. There's no more money to spend -- you used up all of that. You can't start another war because you used up the Army.
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Chris Keeley

Hassan Tahsin: "Israel's Sinister Motives Behind Gaza Operations" (ARAB NEWS)

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck
Transmitted below is a column which appeared in yesterday's ARAB NEWS
(Jeddah). Having just been in Europe for ten days (and hence reliant on
Western news media), I had not previously been aware that the United
States had vetoed yet another UN Security Council resolution criticizing
Israel's indiscriminate violence against Palestinian civilians. Western
news media were focused on the new Hamas-led government's continuing
"defiance" (the media's favored pejorative term for unwavering behavior
which is characterized as "firmness" or "steadfastness" when deemed
commendable) in refusing to bow to Western demands that it publicly
renounce violence (in which, if facts were of any interest or relevance,
Hamas has not engaged for over a year but which is an absolute right of
any people under occupation).
Ambassador John Gunther Dean's analysis of the Israeli-American
relationship is cited at the end of this column. I circulated the full
text of Ambassador Dean's analysis on April 7.


*Israel’s Sinister Motives Behind Gaza Operations*

Hassan Tahsin, hassan_tahsin@hotmail.com <mailto:hassan_tahsin@hotmail.com>

Friday, 21, April, 2006 (23, Rabi` al-Awwal, 1427)

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