March 28th, 2006

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My Space

LA student protests organized on MySpace

José Marquez says,

Joel Rubin, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times, just told the host of a news program on KCRW (the NPR affiliate station in LA), that the 15,000 high school students who walked out of school today organized today's march using over the weekend.

The students were, once again, protesting the House bill would make illegal immigration into a felony rather than a civil offense.

Link to "Which Way LA" radio show, and eecue took lots of photos of the student protests (including the one above) -- Link.

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wunderkammer of technology trends

Peder Burgaard interview

Peder Burgaard is the Event Manager at Denmark's Innovation Lab, an "international wunderkammer of technology trends" that, among other projects, organizes the annual NEXT innovation conference in Copenhagen. I have the pleasure of working with Peder for the next few months while he's interning at the Institute for the Future. Régine Debatty of We Make Not Art has posted a long interview with Peder about the Innovation Lab, NEXT, and the relationship between art, technology, and invention. From the interview:
 Yyy PederFrom one edition of NEXT to the other, do you see that technology is moving at a rapid pace? Or is it a slow continuum with, here and there, too many repetitions?
Technology will be moving even faster and among others will the convergence of established disciplines in the future contribute to this increased pace. Convergence in research fields will be more common because we are increasingly looking to apply the construction work of Mother Nature for creation of advanced technology. So the biologist will need more mathematics and vice versa. Also the merging of biotechnology and nanotechnology will create a demand for researchers which interdisciplinary skills. A forerunner of this trend is Stanford University’s Bio-X Lab of interdisciplinary research connected to engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, math and medicine.

A future ability to reverse engineer the human organs and other advances in technology will keep the pace of new discoveries at an exponential level of unheard dimensions if compared to past rates of discoveries. Some predicts that the next 50-100 years will yield advances in technology equivalent to 14.000 years of previous discoveries.
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This is a total hoot. And it launched just in time to help me promote my glamtabulous new autobiographical podcast, X for Xendetta, in which incestuous friends with cathode-ray tans read short fiction about fluorescent bluetooth open source dildos in Lithuania. Henceforth, everything I blog will end in the phrase, "OMG, SOMEONE SAID SEX!1!!" Link, screengrab. (Thanks, Matthew Neill Sharp / Mathgeeks!)

Reader Comment: Incestuous Kool Kid says,

Give the guy some credit, FFS! I don't think you made it clear enough in this post that the meanie who created (and lovingly maintains) is Seattle-based Matthew Neill Sharp, who looks like this and runs this project and plays in a band called Mathgeeks with former NPR contributor Rick Carr and when he's not working on his day job, writing code and running server-side computery stuff for

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a Boston family victimized by FBI-protected mobsters

Court to Mob-victimized family: you're too late to sue.

Wired News senior editor and hacker god Kevin Poulsen says,
According to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, a Boston family victimized by FBI-protected mobsters have no recourse to sue the government, because they waited until their lives were no longer in danger before filing the lawsuit.

The case involves a long-term collaboration between the FBI and the Winter Hill Gang, violent mobsters who helped the Bureau take down the competing Italian mafia in exchange for carte blanche to run South Boston's rackets without fear of prosecution. Gang leaders included Stephen "the Rifleman" Flemmi, who started working with the feds in 1965.


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A Waikato, New Zealand man with no arms was caught driving 121 km/h last week.

Armless man busted for speeding

A Waikato, New Zealand man with no arms was caught driving 121 km/h last week. He used one foot to steer and another to press the pedals. The man, who has never had a driver's license, was fined $170, prohibited from getting behind the wheel, and may also be charged with "dangerous driving." From The New Zealand Herald:
Senior Constable Brent Gray approached the driver's window, spotted a foot up on the dashboard and noticed the seat was reclined.

Mr Gray told colleagues he thought the man had an "attitude". But then he noticed his armless torso...

(Senior Sergeant Deidre Lack) had nothing against people with disabilities who drove motor vehicles, but had absolutely no sympathy for this speeding driver.

"Obviously driving at a speed like that, arms or not, you're just waiting for an accident. You're asking for an accident at 120km/h, whether you've got arms or not. Look at the risk he was posing."
Link (via Peculiarosities)
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Card calmly approached Bush and whispered in his ear. "A second plane hit the second tower," Card to

Andrew Card Resigns as White House Chief of Staff
Budget Director Joshua B. Bolten Will Step in For Card on April 14

By Peter Baker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 28, 2006; 8:48 AM

White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. announced his resignation this morning after nearly 5-1/2 years as President Bush's top aide. Bush said Card will be replaced by Joshua B. Bolten, the director of the Office of Management and Budget.Collapse )
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Today is the 58^th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre.

*Deir Yassin Day 2006*

Today is the 58^th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre.

Early in the morning of 9^th April, 1948, commandos of the Irgun (headed
by Menachem Begin) and the Stern Gang attacked Deir Yassin, a beautiful
Arab village with cut stone houses located on the west side of
Jerusalem. It was several weeks before the end of the British Mandate
and the declaration of the State of Israel. The village lay outside the
area to be assigned by the United Nations to the Jewish state; it had a
peaceful reputation; it was even said by a Jewish newspaper to have
driven out some Arab militants. But it was located on high ground in the
corridor between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, so, with the knowledge of the
mainstream Jewish defence force, the Haganah, it was to be conquered and
held.Collapse )
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Boca's Squad / Military Box 9189/19 Vukovar

Jasmina Tesanovic: Scorpions Trial, Day One

Scorpions Trial
Jasmina Tesanovic, Belgrade
First day of trial, March 13, 2006

Boca's Squad / Military Box 9189/19 Vukovar

That's how today's witness presented himself: a low-key thirty-nine-year old locksmith, grim and uncomfortable in his role. He executed his legal duty with obvious physical pain and loud moans and groans. as if barbecued slowly by the impatient woman judge, who looks every time more like a Hollywood star.

"Boca" is just a nickname here, commonly given to the nice kid round the corner, and Vukovar used to be a time-honored city in Croatia. However now, we are talking about Scorpions destroying that city, together with the Jugoslav National Army, the JNA. Recently a movie was made about that scene of the crime and bloodshed. Once again the reality show and the documentary material beat all the moralizing words of the accused war criminals.

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15 armed men stormed a South African Airways Boeing 747 jet on Saturday and looted it of a cash ship


SOUTH AFRICA: $16.5 MILLION AIRPORT CAPER The government agency that runs South Africa's airports is being bombarded with criticism after up to 15 armed men stormed a South African Airways Boeing 747 jet on Saturday and looted it of a cash shipment reported to total $16.5 million. The money, flown from Britain, was en route to Tanzania and another unidentified African nation when the gang, armed with AK-47 rifles, overpowered guards on an ostensibly secure apron at Johannesburg International Airport. Johannesburg's airport has been repeatedly hit by gangs targeting large hauls of cash and other valuables. MICHAEL WINES (NYT)