March 25th, 2006

Chris Keeley

The Controversial study -- The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign

As to be expected, the battle has been joined over the newly published
critique of the Israeli lobby in the U.S.  --  */_The Israel Lobby and
U.S. Foreign Policy_/*  --  which has been authored by John Mearsheimer,
a top international relations theorist based at the University of
Chicago, and Stephen Walt, the academic dean of Harvard University's
John F. Kennedy School of Government.  This somewhat more temperate
assessment by Ori Nir is to be found in the March 24th issue of the
magazine *_/Forward/_*, the august Jewish publication in the United
States.  .

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Chris Keeley

Letter Published in the IHT (March 24)

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck

Transmitted today is a letter to to the editor which was published in
today's International Herald Tribune.

*International Herald Tribune* <>* *

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2006

Israel and America

This week President George W. Bush made the following statement after a
speech defending his war against Iraq: "The threat from Iran is, of
course, their stated objective to destroy our strong ally Israel .... I
made it clear, and I'll make it clear again, that we will use military
might to protect our ally Israel." ("Bush admits setbacks in Iraq,"
March 21)

There you have it - complete with the words "of course" for anyone who
hadn't already figured it out.

As with Iraq, no American interests are involved, only Israeli interests.

Will any American political or opinion leader dare to suggest publicly
that, in America, American interests should take priority over Israeli

Time for a second American declaration of independence?

*John V. Whitbeck, Jidda*
Chris Keeley

An American Inquisition?

It's only getting worse. From The Nation, April 3

 An American Inquisition?

Richard Rogers, or Lord Rogers of Riverside, as he is styled in Britain,
is one of the most distinguished architects in the world. From the day
the Centre Pompidou opened its doors in Paris in 1977, his career has
been a series of triumphs: the headquarters of Lloyds insurance in
London, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Millennium
Dome in Greenwich, Madrid's new Barajas airport and, most recently, the
Welsh Assembly. Rogers is famous not just for his iconic buildings but
also for his progressive politics and his extraordinary network of
friends, associates and admirers. So when he agreed in February to host
the London inaugural meeting of Architects and Planners for Justice in
Palestine, the event went unnoticed here.

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