March 4th, 2006

Chris Keeley

Mr. Myatt used his knack for forgery and knowledge of art history to produce fake after fake, more t

After Stint of Crime, Art Forger Sells Genuine Fakes

FAIROAK, England

AFTER many years as an art forger, both criminal and legitimate, John Myatt has a thing or two to say about the vagaries of the art market.

"Never was there such a load of rubbish talked about anything as has been, and will be, talked about art," he said, sitting in his kitchen, Van Gogh's beautiful "Harvest" (a fake, painted by him) on the wall behind him. "The nonsense, really, is that paintings should be priced the way they are, that a Van Gogh can go for, what is it, $75 million? That's disgusting."

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Chris Keeley

Paul Findley: The Conscience of America

Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 21:14:21 +0300
Subject: Paul Findley: The Conscience of America

> TO: Distinguished Recipients
> FM: John Whitbeck
> It is an honor and a privilege to be able to transmit below two
> magnificent articles by former Congressman Paul Findley.
> In the age of Alzheimers, Paul is living proof that both mental clarity
> and moral clarity can still shine brightly at age 84.
> For me, Paul is the conscience of America.
>                    ______________________________
>> Because of the gross, longstanding bias in U.S. policy in the Middle
>> East, the
>> world teeters on the precipice of widening conflict focused -- sadly,
>> unnecessarily, dangerously -- on religion: Christendom versus Islam.
>> Those are
>> strong words, frightening words, but they are the truth.
>> Since I found myself in the thicket of Middle East politics nearly forty
>> years
>> ago, I have done little else than seek justice for Arabs deeply aggrieved
>> by
>> our policy bias.  This pro-justice endeavor is motivated mainly by my
>> deep
>> concern for America.
>> At 84, I sometimes feel old enough to have heard God's command to Moses,
>> as
>> recorded in Deuteronomy:  "Seek justice, only justice."  That command is
>> my
>> watchword.  Despite the efforts of many brave people to bring about a
>> just
>> reform, the bias continues -- more flagrant and costly each year.   The
>> peril
>> confronts all Americans.  No one can escape.
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