February 27th, 2006

Chris Keeley

Sunday Gazette-Mail ] Story:Robert V. Keeley

February 26, 2006
Robert V. Keeley

The danger of democracy: Sometimes the wrong guy wins

On Feb. 14, the lead story in The New York Times disclosed a reported plan being discussed by U.S. and Israeli officials to starve the Palestinian Authority of money, to compel its president, Mahmoud Abbas, to call a new parliamentary election. The hope was that by then the Palestinians would be so unhappy with life under the new Hamas-led government that they would return to office a reformed and chastened Fatah movement.
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Chris Keeley

Welcome to the Monkey House, Mr. President - John Brady Kiesling

Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 08:49:22 -0500
Subject: [ Sunday Gazette-Mail ] Story:John Brady Kiesling

February 26, 2006
John Brady Kiesling

Welcome to the Monkey House, Mr. President

When scientists removed the dominant males from the huge cage at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Georgia, the little band of pigtailed macaques under study there slid slowly into civil war.

A similar thing happened in 2003 when the U.S. military removed Iraq’s dominant males. Dominance hierarchies are a basic organizing principle for many species, including ours. Those hierarchies are easy for an outsider to subvert, but impossible for an outsider to impose.Collapse )
Chris Keeley

One more letter!

From: Michal Keeley
To: Bob Keeley
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 07:15:29 -0500
Subject: one more letter, pro this time
Not sure if you want to join the debate, but you're allowed to write
a letter too!

"We need to talk to them"

After reading Ambassador Keeley's remarks, I considered them very
"diplomatic," which of course is consistent with his profession. Had
it been a one-on-one conversation, not for attribution, I'm convinced
that he would have been much less circumspect about the program of
state terrorism visited on the hapless Palestinians by Israel
24-7-365-decades. No one -- at least no one with any humanity or
sense of justice -- can step foot into the Occupied Palestinian
Territories for a day or more and be less than appalled. (One recent
accounting found that Israel has violated the year-long "cease fire"
24,000 times, with over 200 Palestinians murdered by Israel; Hamas
has scrupulously lived up to that "agreement.")

I am moved to respond to Shaneh's blather, which lies within a
typical Zionist ploy: denigrate, obfuscate, throw in a red herring or
two, and never neglect to lie if lying will further the Political
Zionists' goal of ethnically cleansing the "Holy" Land of all
Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

-- "...populations that loath (sic) the United States." The
populations of Arab and other Muslim-majority countries loathe
America's policies (it's the policies, stupid!), as formulated and
executed by misguided "leaders." Neither the country nor its people
are hated.

-- "Hamas...sworn to the destruction of both Israel and the United
States." Now, that is a damnable lie that must be challenged. You are
a liar, Shaneh! Hamas has major and understandable objections to the
theft of Palestinians' land (embodied, of course, in the UN Partition
Plan of 1947, which the then-terrorists of Stern and Irgun ilk were
happy to accept...unlike the dozens of UN resolutions and decrees of
international law which Zionist Israel has flouted ever since, with
accustomed impunity). But Hamas has NEVER "sworn to the destruction
of...the United States." (as if that were remotely possible!) You are
a liar, Shaneh, and a fraud!

-- Robert H. Stiver

Michal Keeley
Chris Keeley

Cuba Television Sets

In Cuba the government controls all media, including the three main newspapers as well as the two television stations. They broadcast news reports, baseball, educational programs, soap operas, and Hollywood movies. Whether used for information or as a background for socializing and drinking rum, during broadcast hours, all TVs in Cuba are ON.'

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