February 13th, 2006

Chris Keeley

It was the time of great photographers — Avedon, Irving Penn, Hiro, Sarah Moon, David Bailey, Helmut

Bob Richardson/Vogue Italia

A fashion photograph for Italian Vogue, June 1971. The model, Angelica Huston, was Richardson's girlfriend and muse.

A cinematic fashion shoot from 1972 (also for Italian Vogue) featured Angelica Huston and the model Lipp Jens as her Nazi lover.

February 12, 2006

The Trouble With Bob

Bob Richardson, the infamous fashion photographer from the 60's and 70's? Yeah, sure, we'd heard of him. We had seen some of his black and white photos of Anjelica Huston — his girlfriend and muse for four years — sucking on a cigarette, smoke clouds circling her face. And we'd seen his well-known photo of Donna Mitchell, the one with a tear rolling down her cheek. But mostly we knew him as the crazy father of the larger-than-life fashion photographer Terry Richardson. So when Terry asked if the two of us would meet with his dad about a book of his work, we were really curious.


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Chris Keeley

Cheney sprayed Whittington with shotgun pellets on Saturday at the Armstrong Ranch in south Texas, s

Cheney shoots 78-year old lawyer with shotgun, story held 24h

"Harry Whittington, 78, was 'alert and doing fine' after Cheney sprayed Whittington with shotgun pellets on Saturday at the Armstrong Ranch in south Texas, said property owner Katharine Armstrong. (...) The vice president's office did not disclose the accident until nearly 24 hours after it happened." Link

Reader Comment: Om says,

The important questions raised by this hunting accident are:

1) *Are* lawyers in season right now?
2) Was the lawyer at least a 4-point?
3) Was Cheney within his permit limit?
4) Was the Cheney aide misquoted about the lawyer's hunting suit having a target on the back, or that he'd bought it at Target a while back?
5) Will Disney adapt this into a cartoon about a baby lawyer having to adjust to living in the wild without his parent?
6) Is this what you should expect if you don't contribute enough to a political reelection fund in the future?

One more: Or is this the administration's new plan for tort reform, No Lawyer Left Behind?

posted by Xeni Jardin

Chris Keeley

The Hamas Victory

TO: Distinguished Recipients
 FM: John Whitbeck

 Transmitted as an attachment is Richard Falk's analysis of Hamas' election
 victory and the wiser way for the world to deal with it. 

 It was written shortly after the elections and published in the Turkish

Fortunately, Vladimir Putin is, at least in this instance, showing more
 respect for democracy than the United States and the European Union -- a 
phenomenon which, one may hope, might shame at least the Europeans into
 edging away from their current position of hyper-hypocrisy.

The Hamas Victory 

Richard Falk 

      The U.S. Government finds itself in a trap of its own making. Having championed democratic elections in the Middle East, Washington now finds itself with a politically unpalatable electoral outcome in the Palestinian territories. The startling Hamas landslide victory in the elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council apparently caught Washington completely by surprise. The American Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, was quoted as saying publicly that “I don’t know anyone who wasn’t caught off guard by Hamas’s strong showing.” Should this result be that surprising in light of recent elections in Iraq and Egypt, or in view of the public opinion polls showing a swing toward Islam throughout the region. 


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