January 23rd, 2006

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SRL show in LA Chinatown: photos and phonecam video

Sean Bonner says,

Here's a bunch of photos that I took last night from our safety zone behind a quarter inch of plywood that was only knocked over by a machine with failing reverse gear once. Also, here's a 1.3MB 3GP video I shot of the action. I think the most surprising thing of the evening was that the event actually took place, we were expecting it to be shot down at any second. See all those windows in the background? Yeah, those are apartments filled with families.
Here are my phonecam snaps. This is my favorite, even though the photo is crap.

Here are some shortie video clips I shot on my Treo (3g2 format, viewable in Quicktime):

* crowd and resting robots before show
* Mark Pauline directing show setup
* machines come to life during the show.

Here are more photos -- some shot with real cameras -- that other people took and uploaded to Flickr. Among them, this photo (above, in which Mark Pauline redirects an errant robot) from user Daydream Aversion's SRL 1/21/06 photoset.

Reader Comment: IvyMike says, "Here's my personal take on Saturday night's SRL show in Chinatown." Link

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Chris Keeley

his friends in the dada movement


Meet The Neighbors

By Blake Gopnik
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, January 23, 2006; Page C01

To the ramparts -- the assault's about to come.

The National Gallery launches its thunderous Cezanne show on Sunday, then the Hirshhorn Museum follows up with a huge salvo of works by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, to which the National Gallery adds a barrage of art by Marcel Duchamp and his friends in the dada movement, all accompanied by artistic volleys from the Phillips Collection, the Textile Museum and the smaller Smithsonian battalions.

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unshaven hippy chicks and all the links smell like patchouli.

Roe v. Wade comic books from 1973

Ethan Persoff says,

This last week of January marks the 33rd anniversary of the Supreme Court's Jan 22 1973 decision legalizing safe abortions. (Thank you.) Recognizing that, here are two comics from that year - each produced as a response right after the decision occurred.

First, from the always entertaining Right To Life Organization, we have what seems to be the first pamphlet they ever produced, 1973's WHO KILLED JUNIOR? where we learn doctors were dousing women with salt to melt fetuses and were also jabbing and swinging steak knives in there to chop up babies. Huh.

From the Head Shop, Hippy, Feminist Side, we have the Left's excellent and calming ABORTION EVE, also from 1973, where we learn people were happily getting lots of abortions and just liked to talk and talk and talk about it. Both have great back covers, one celebrating Mad Magazine, the other evoking Hitler. I'm not sure which comic wins the argument, but it's a lot of fun to pair them up and read as a set.

WARNING: the anti-choice comic contains graphic images. The pro-choice comic contains verbose, unshaven hippy chicks and all the links smell like patchouli.



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there are 1.4 million methamphetamine addicts in the United States, concentrated in the West, where

Potent Mexican Meth Floods In as States Curb Domestic Variety </nyt_headline>

DES MOINES, Jan. 18 - In the seven months since Iowa passed a law restricting the sale of cold medicines used to make methamphetamine, seizures of homemade methamphetamine laboratories have dropped to just 20 a month from 120. People once terrified about the neighbor's house blowing up now walk up to the state's drug policy director, Marvin Van Haaften, at his local Wal-Mart to thank him for making them safer.

But Mr. Van Haaften, like officials in other states with similar restrictions, is now worried about a new problem: the drop in home-cooked methamphetamine has been met by a new flood of crystal methamphetamine coming largely from Mexico.

Sometimes called ice, crystal methamphetamine is far purer, and therefore even more highly addictive, than powdered home-cooked methamphetamine, a change that health officials say has led to greater risk of overdose. And because crystal methamphetamine costs more, the police say thefts are increasing, as people who once cooked at home now have to buy it.


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Gore's excellent speech: text

'In an address delivered in Washington to multiple standing ovations,
Vice President Al Gore repeatedly attacked the Bush Administration
for the expansion of executive power -- the ability of the government
to wiretap its own citizens without legal authority and kidnap
Americans abroad.

His speech -- which compares the wiretapping of Martin Luther King to
the broad surveillance now imposed on Americans by President Bush --
called on Congress to resume its oversight responsibilities, and
enjoined Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to appoint a special
prosecutor. Gore was to be introduced by former Rep. Bob Barr, a
Georgia Republican who has advocated for the constitutional right to
privacy. ..'

Full text: http://rawstory.com/news/2005/Text_of_Gore_speech_0116.html
Chris Keeley

Colette Calascione

Bird Girl (1998)
Colette Calascione
Oil on Copper

Size: 3.5

Traditional painting

I post links to a fair bit of illustration and digital art, but this time around I'd like to share a sampling of artists who work with good old-fashioned brushes and canvas and paint to create some lovely, and odd, things.

I was introduced today to the work of Colette Calascione, and was immediately taken. I can only describe her paintings as a graceful, eerie blend of surrealism, Northern Renaissance, magic realism, and wry humor. I especially liked those paintings whose spare, clean lines and odd juxtapositions reminded me strongly of Magritte.
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