January 21st, 2006

Chris Keeley

Ms Texas in Vegas

Miss Texas, Morgan Matlock, left, and Miss Montana, Sophia Steinbeisser, prepared for a dress rehearsal Thursday for the Miss America pageant, which will be held tonight in Las Vegas. After 85 years in Atlantic City, the contest is adjusting easily to its new home.
Chris Keeley

When asked why he decided to drink during one of Moscow's worst cold snaps on record, Igor, the home

In Frozen Moscow, City Rescues the Homeless and the Drunk

MOSCOW, Jan. 20 - Igor, a homeless man who lives in Moscow's Paveletsky train station, stumbled out of one of this city's police-run drunk tanks at around 6 p.m. Friday with an indignant complaint.

"I wasn't even drunk," he said, pulling a soiled stocking cap around his ears against an icy wind, which was blowing swirls of snow crystals almost horizontally past him.

Igor, who only offered his first name, had just poured himself a drink this afternoon, he said, when the police detained him. "They said I was drinking, but I hadn't even started," he said.

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