January 14th, 2006

Chris Keeley

Iran is Doing Nothing Wrong" (Independent)

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck
Transmitted below is an eminently sensible analysis by Adrian Hamilton,
published in THE INDEPENDENT (London), of which he is an editor.
There is a psychedelic quality to the current hype and hullabaloo over
Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions, suggesting a severe case of collective
amnesia. Once again, *reasons* and *excuses* are being confused. This
confusion cuts both ways in the ongoing war against truth. Western
political leaders and media frequently assert that "terrorists" use the
occupations of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan as "*excuses*" to recruit
people to carry out evil deeds (including suicide bombings). However, as
any rational person recognizes, very few people look for *excuses* to
strike a blow against evil (as they perceive it) at the cost of
sacrificing their own lives. People are driven to such extreme acts by
genuine *reasons*.

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Chris Keeley

The Joy of Meth



"Who wouldn't want to use it? You lose weight and you have great sex." -- Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Laymon

Hey kids. Crystal meth is created by cooking the ephedrine or pseudoephedrine found in cold medicines or weight loss aids. The pills are crushed into powder, then blended to a steady boil with other solvents like starter fluid or Coleman fuel. This creates a bubbly, sudsy chemical reaction which can be strained through one of your children's diapers and set aside to dry in the basement or living room.

The foaming white, crumbly residue can be smoked in a traditional, contemporary American crack pipe made from glass or ceramic [high in 3-5 minutes] -- or placed gently upon a small sheet of tinfoil, heated from below with a cigarette lighter and the vapors inhaled [high in 2-3 minutes]. If the end product looks more like crystals than powder, they can be melted over a spoon, sucked into a communal syringe, and injected into your bloodstream [immediately high]. If you just want to put it in your mouth and swallow, you have to wait fifteen minutes. Collapse )

Chris Keeley

If we can beat mob, we can fight DeLay-style politics

Note: the following was published in DeLay's hometown paper.


Jan. 12, 2006, 8:39PM

If we can beat mob, we can fight DeLay-style politics

Experience in Las Vegas similar to D.C. corruption

In 1977, I was appointed chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. It
was a difficult time for the gaming industry and Las Vegas, which
were being overrun by organized crime. To that point in my life, I
had served in the Nevada Assembly and even as lieutenant governor,
but nothing prepared me for my fight with the mob.

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Chris Keeley

In Memory of Eugene McCarthy

The memorial service for Gene McCarthy at the Washington National
Cathedral today was attended by a huge throng, including many veterans
of the 1968 campaign who came from near and far. I hope it will be well
covered by the Post and other media tomorrow. The service lasted two
hours, but was not too long. There were outstanding tributes delivered
by former President Clinton, Congressman James Oberstar of Minnesota,
children Michael and Ellen McCarthy, Mary Alice Williams, and The
Reverend Dr. Harlon L. Dalton of New Haven. Participation by numerous
clergy including several Jesuits and the Episcopal Bishop of Washington.
Music and songs by Peter Yarrow and Bethany Yarrow (remember Peter, Paul
and Mary?), notably "Sweet Survivor," with the audience joining in on
"This land is our land."
   I hope the tributes will be made available and circulated, and if so
I will send them along in due course. They all had relevance to our
current domestic and world situations, and were worthy recollections of
the role once played by Gene McCarthy.
   This is a bookmark picked up at the after service reception. Gene's
poem was read at the service.