January 13th, 2006

Chris Keeley



Warren Ellis' graphic novel FELL #1 online for free

Newsarama is offering the first episode of the terrific, dark FELL from Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith for absodanglutely free. You can buy the hard copy version (with extra content, in glorious inky hi-res) at comics stores for US$1.99. Warren tells Boing Boing, "It was hard to find for a while there anyway... we sold out of a couple of printings." Link to download.

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Chris Keeley

More risqué material by the pornographic star Annie Sprinkle, the feminist-minded performers Karen F

Peter Hujar's "Candy Darling on Her Deathbed," 1974


The Downtown Scene, When It Was Still Dirty </nyt_headline>

Remember Downtown? No, no, not the sanitized, respectable SoHo and Chelsea of today, but the real down-and-dirty Downtown, when the East Village was an art scene, punk and new wave rock assailed the ears, graffiti spread like kudzu, and heroin and extreme style were the rage. While Downtown lasted, the AIDS plague peaked, police raided illegal lofts, and artists attacked Establishment institutions. It was an explosive era of Super-8 films; "no wave" cinema; street art and performances; oral poetry; political engagement; feminist, gay and lesbian activism; clubs and alternative spaces.


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