January 10th, 2006

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Robert Barret Writes:

           By Way of Painting Backwards Forwards 

      I suppose it started by way of an incidental phone call, if there is such a thing, to my brother who lives in Texas. “What’s up?”  Never one to mince words, he replies, “Just clearing out the attic and trying to get rid of some old stuff.” It strikes me as strange he saw this as a viable vocation, since that’s what attics are intended for-storing old stuff, stuff that you go through every five years or so as in the way one might visit a graveyard.

   “Like what?” I asked. “Just old photos of people we don’t know. “Like relatives? You’re throwing away family portraits?” “Well not exactly, I don’t know who any of these people are.”  I can’t imagine my mother saved pictures of strangers. Collapse )

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A trendy new bar in the Mission in San Francisco has a "Flickr photo booth" where patrons can have t

Flickr photo-booth in San Francisco bar

A trendy new bar in the Mission in San Francisco has a "Flickr photo booth" where patrons can have their photos taken and automatically uploaded to a Flickr stream for the bar:
The photo booth at Shine, at 1337 Mission St., takes four photos and automatically posts them in the traditional vertical strip mode to the popular Flickr photo sharing Web site, which is owned by Yahoo.

"We were looking for something interactive at 5 a.m. on a construction night," Brian Walsh, a Shine investor and the creator of the photo booth, told CNET News.com. "We asked, 'What can go in this corner?' I said, 'What about a photo booth?'"

Link, Link to Flickr stream (Thanks, Lewis!)



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The Dalai Lama told his friend that if his conscience was clear, he had nothing to fear

Heinrich Harrer, 93, Explorer of Tibet, Dies </nyt_headline>

Heinrich Harrer, a swashbuckling explorer who told of his magical life of conquering the world's highest peaks and tutoring the young Dalai Lama when Tibet seemed as exotic as Mars, only to have news of his Nazi past mar his final years, died Jan. 7 in Friesach, Austria. He was 93.

The Associated Press said his family announced his death in a hospital there, saying only that "in great peace, he carried out his final expedition."

Mr. Harrer's wanderings rivaled the fictional exploits of the film hero Indiana Jones. He was a member of the four-man team that made the first ascent of the formidable north wall of the Eiger, a 13,400-foot peak of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. He escaped from a British prisoner-of-war camp, then hiked across the high Tibetan plateau, dodging bears, leopards and bandits before arriving in the forbidden city of Lhasa, gloveless and with his shoes in tatters.


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Princeton prude?

Subject: Princeton prude?
sounds like a fun guy to have at a party. from Alito's opening statement yesterday:
And after I graduated from high school, I went a full 12 miles down the road, but really to a different world when I entered Princeton University. A generation earlier, I think that somebody from my background probably would not have felt fully comfortable at a college like Princeton. But, by the time I graduated from high school, things had changed.
And this was a time of great intellectual excitement for me. Both college and law school opened up new worlds of ideas. But this was back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
It was a time of turmoil at colleges and universities. And I saw some very smart people and very privileged people behaving irresponsibly. And I couldn't help making a contrast between some of the worst of what I saw on the campus! and the good sense and the decency of the people back in my own community.
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