January 3rd, 2006

Chris Keeley

bark cloth has other, more mystical qualities. It comes from the African soil, and represents the pr

Where Africa's Kings Ruled, Their Finery Grew on Trees </nyt_headline>

NSANGWA, Uganda - The shirt that Peter S. Kaboggoza had on the other day was nice enough, a bit worn around the edges but with all the buttons in place and no visible rips or stains. Still, it was a cotton-polyester blend, and that made Mr. Kaboggoza a bit sheepish when asked why he was wearing it.

"Oh, this?" he said in Luganda, the local language.

Mr. Kaboggoza was wearing what Ugandans wear, second-hand clothes cast away by Westerners and scooped up on the cheap at local markets. But Mr. Kaboggoza is not the average Ugandan. He represents the country's proud past, when people here produced their own textiles, manufactured their own clothes and wore them with pride.


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Chris Keeley

she was found to be H.I.V-positive at the age of 30, Ms. Dent published three volumes of her poetry.

Arne Svensen

Tory Dent in 2000.

Tory Dent, Poet Who Wrote of Living With H.I.V., Dies at 47 </nyt_headline>

Tory Dent, a poet, essayist and art critic whose verse told of life with a diagnosis of H.I.V. and of the struggle to keep her creativity alive, died last Friday at her home in the East Village. She was 47.

The death was announced by her husband, Sean Harvey. The cause was an opportunistic infection associated with AIDS, to which her condition had progressed about nine years ago.


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Chris Keeley

Raphael's Story


I had already done two stints at local psych wards: the first time was as a high school senior at age 17, after becoming psychotic after smoking PCP; the second, at age 22.   As an example of how God was looking out for me when I was unable to look out for myself, my psychiatrist at 17 just happened to be the father of one of my friends at school. Although he has since passed, and I have not seen his daughter in years, I still consider that family to be good friends.  I wish I had listened to that doctor, because he told me then that I should completely stop using all drugs, including alcohol.  It was a miracle that I was not permanently insane.
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Shortly after returning home, I checked into my last rehab, in Crofton, Maryland.  That was on Groundhog Day, February 2, 1994. Through the grace of God and the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, I have stayed clean ever since. I will never forget the people that loved me when I did not even love myself, even the law enforcement people who had taken me to jails and hospitals when I was using.  Every day I hope and I pray that I am able to pass to the newcomer the same love that was so freely given to me.
January 2005