December 30th, 2005

Chris Keeley

Broken Arrows

Google founders Brin and Page to finance indie film

Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page will make their first foray into film finance as co-executive producers of Broken Arrows.

Set for release in late 2006, Reid Gershbein's sub-$1M feature tells the tale of "a man who loses his pregnant wife in a terrorist attack and then takes a job as a hit man."

Link to SF Chronicle story, and here's the movie website. No, wait, it's a movie blog. A mlog, 'cause we're truncated like that, yo.
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Chris Keeley

The public inspection of girls' genitals, she argued, was humiliating, the conclusions about their v

Women's Rights Laws and African Custom Clash </nyt_headline>

LAMONTVILLE, South Africa - In theory, what happened to 14-year-old Sibongile in this hilly, crowded township outside Durban in November could not happen today - at least, not legally.

On a broiling Saturday morning, as more than a dozen women looked on, Sibongile joined 56 other Zulu girls outside a red-and-white striped tent. One by one, they lay on a straw mat beneath the tent; one by one, they received a cursory inspection of their genitals by a woman in a ceremonial beaded hat. As the inspector pronounced judgment on the state of each girl's hymen - "virgin," "nice," "perfect" - each departed to the excited trilling of the women who were observers.


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Chris Keeley

What they're saying is, people who by virtue of immutable physical characteristics are going to be p

New York Set to Close Jail Unit for Gays </nyt_headline>

For at least three decades, gay and transgender inmates had their own housing unit inside Rikers Island's sprawling jail complex. To be admitted, all a new inmate had to do was declare homosexuality, or appear to be transgender, and ask to be kept out of Rikers's main jails.

The idea, city correction officials said, was to protect vulnerable inmates who might otherwise become victims of discrimination or sexual abuse in the rough world of the general inmate population. The only other metropolitan jail to separate gay and transgender inmates is Los Angeles County Jail. Gay inmates there, however, are forced to live separately from other inmates.


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Chris Keeley

everyone expected President Bush

Heck of a Job, Bushie </nyt_headline>

A year ago, everyone expected President Bush to get his way on Social Security. Pundits warned Democrats that they were making a big political mistake by opposing plans to divert payroll taxes into private accounts.

A year ago, everyone thought Congress would make Mr. Bush's tax cuts permanent, in spite of projections showing that doing so would lead to budget deficits as far as the eye can see. But Congress hasn't acted, and most of the cuts are still scheduled to expire by the end of 2010.

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Chris Keeley

mean, I got bit a few times, and each time I learned not to what I did again.

New West goes to a gator farm

New West has an excellent article (and photos) by Ted Alvarez about Colorado's San Luis Valley. In this piece, the first installment of a series, Alvarez gets up close and personal with the residents of a gator farm, and those who wrangle the reptiles.
 Images Thumbnails Feature Slv1 Jayyoung1-1
Jay Young, 27, the son of Colorado Gators founders Erwin and Lynne, holds several gator wrestling titles and has spent his entire life wrangling the massive reptiles. The city of Los Angeles recently hired him to attempt to remove a released pet gator from a public lake, and rumors abound that he’s taken a few “meetings” with Hollywood since his celebrated visit made local and national news. When I finally catch this wiry, muddy bayou man sauntering towards me, with a cigarette dangling from his lower lip and stringy hair in his face, it’s easy to see why.

“I learned to handle ‘em when I was small and they were small,” he drawls sleepily. “I mean, I got bit a few times, and each time I learned not to what I did again.” When prodded, he proceeds to name off his injuries nonchalantly, as if ticking off items on his Thursday grocery list. “A 6-footer—Tinkerbell—got my arm,” he says, pointing to a lengthy scar on his ropy forearm. “I let my arms get to far out to the side. Three fingers got crushed and held in a big one’s jaws…teething, I guess.”
Chris Keeley

SEN. ROBERT BYRD: Dr. Rice is responsible for some of the most overblown rhetoric that the administr

2005 in Review: Power, Politics and Resistance

Friday, December 30th, 2005

Today, part one of our special look back at 2005, including George W. Bush's inaugeration and protests against election fraud, the occupation of Iraq, the conviction of attorney Lynne Stewart, the appointment of John Bolton to the UN, the revelation of Deep Throat, the conviction of Edgar Ray Killen for killing the three civil rights workers in 1964, and much more.

Featuring the voices of:

Colin Powell, Allan Nairn
Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Jessie Jackson Jr.
George Bush, Ossie Davis
Maya Angelou, Harry Belafonte
Dahr Jamail, Robert Fisk
Ghazwaan Al-Mukhtar, George Galloway
Barbara Boxer, Condoleezza Rice
Robert Byrd, Peter Kornbluh
John Negroponte, Alberto Gonzales
Orrin Hatch, Ted Kennedy
Lynne Stewart, Bill Quigley
Tom DeLay, Ken Goodman
George Voinovich, John Bolton
Giuliana Sgrena, John Stauber
Tim Rieser, Ricardo Alarcon
Jose Pertierra, Scott McClellan
Bill Moyers, Timothy Karr
Jim Shultz, Carlos Mesa
Mike Gravel, Jennifer Dohrn
Donald Rumsfeld, Mike Honda
Amy Hagopian, Simbi Veke Mubako
Wellington Chibebe, Flash Sharrar
Michael Scherer, Magdalano Rose-Avila
Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Cindy Sheehan
John Conyers, Claire Short
Chris Chafe, Linda Chavez-Thompson
Bernie Sanders, Carolyn Goodman
Steven Schwerner, Ben Chaney
and Keith Beauchamp.


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