November 19th, 2005

Chris Keeley

Bush's troubles mount as Republican defections increase

Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 22:04:39 EST
Subject: Bush's troubles mount as Republican defections increase
From Capitol Hill Blue
Bush Leagues
Bush's troubles mount as Republican defections increase
Publisher, Capitol Hill Blue
Nov 17, 2005, 08:15

A private poll recently commissioned by Republican leaders shows the GOP would lose control of both the House and Senate if midterm elections were held today and supports mounting evidence that the party must distance itself from President Bush if it wants to hold on to Congressional control in 2006.

GOP strategists who have seen the poll warn House and Senate leaders that Bush’s numbers will continue to fall and there may be no way the party can avoid catastrophe as long as the President remains in office.
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Some GOP strategists cling to the hope that political fortunes can quickly reverse and the party can rebound but such optimism is rare among the doom and gloom that dominates meeting of party leaders at the National Republican Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee.

“We’re in trouble. There’s no doubt about that,” says on GOP pollster. “Based on what I’m seeing in the national mood the only way out of that trouble is to get as far away as possible from President Bush and his policies.”
Chris Keeley

Shame on them

From: Edmund Keeley <>
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 09:40:24 -0500
Subject: Shame on them

I want to tell you about John Murtha. He's a Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania. He’s also a combat veteran and retired Marine Corps colonel.

Murtha spent 37 years in Marine Corps, earned the Bronze Star, two purple hearts, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal. And for the last thirty years he’s been one of the most respected voices in Congress on military issues -- universally respected by Democrats, Republicans and military brass alike.

Until now.

Republicans have disgraced themselves by viciously attacking John Murtha with such disrespect that not only veterans, but every decent American should be angry.
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Shameless Republicans immediately went on the attack. Dick Cheney, who has said that he had "other priorities" and collected 5 deferments while people like Murtha served in Vietnam, called Murtha’s comments "irresponsible" and regretted that "the president and I cannot prevent certain politicians from losing their memory, or their backbone." The White House spokesman, who has also never worn the uniform, pronounced himself "baffled" that Murtha wanted to "surrender to the terrorists". A Republican Congressman said Murtha and others "basically are giving aid and comfort to the enemy".

Shame on them. Every one of us -- right now -- needs to let Jack Murtha know that we respect his service, respect his leadership, and respect his right to speak the truth. This man has spent his life serving us. The very least each one of us can do is let him know that no matter what dishonorable smear campaign Republicans wage we will be there with him.

Send Congressman Murtha a note telling him that you will not be silent while he is attacked:

Thanks you --
Chris Keeley

Uri Avnery on the new Sharon party--11-19-05

Subject: Uri Avnery on the new Sharon party--11-19-05
Uri Avnery

Plucking the Daisy

LIKE A MAIDEN plucking the petals of a daisy and murmuring "he will…he
will not…he will…he will not…" many of our Leftists are trying to divine
what their present idol is going to do.

Will Ariel Sharon remain in the Likud? Will he leave and set up a new party?

They fervently hope for the second possibility. Sharon as the head of a
new party is the answer to their prayers - metaphorically, of course,
since they do not believe in God - the right-wing general who will carry
out a left-wing program. The Israeli de Gaulle, the Great Disengager,
will become the leader of the biggest Israeli party and, in alliance
with the left-wing parties, create a solid majority for peace.
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What Israel needs now is a clear choice between clear alternatives. With
the rise of Amir Peretz to the Labor party leadership, such a choice is
possible. He unequivocally supports peace negotiations with the
Palestinian leadership and a viable Palestinian state based on the 1967
borders, as well as a domestic policy balancing economic growth with
social solidarity.

In the coming general elections, Peretz may yet attain a surprise
victory, as he did in the Labor elections. But even if he fails to
propel Labor into the leading position, an impressive gain may create
the conditions for the Left to return to power in the elections thereafter.

So, please, throw away the daisy and start working.
Chris Keeley

Joe Conason on the truth about Woodward in 11-19-05

 Woodward's disgrace

*He was once a great journalist, but his obsession with "access" turned
him into a palace courtier and shill for the GOP.*

*By Joe Conason*

Nov. 19, 2005 | Forced to reveal his strange secret about the Valerie
Plame case, Bob Woodward has humiliated his trusting bosses at the
Washington Post and exposed something rotten at the center of
journalism's national elite. By withholding critical information from
the Post's editors and pretending to be a neutral observer, Woodward
badly compromised the values that he and his newspaper once embodied. A
living symbol of the great constitutional role of a free press -- to
hold government accountable -- has evidently degenerated into another
obedient appendage of rogue officialdom.
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"Bob Woodward never lied," declared Downie. Yet at another point in the
same conversation, the Post editor conceded that a reader was "correct"
in saying Woodward had been "dishonest in the extreme" and "probably
destroyed his credibility." Those consequences of his "mistake," said
Downie, would have to be measured against "Bob's exceptional record."

So will the contents of Woodward's next book on the Bush administration.

* -- By Joe Conason*
Chris Keeley

John W. Dean on Fitzgerald--11-18-05
An Open Letter To Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald From Former White
House Counsel John W. Dean

November 18, 2005

The Honorable Patrick J. Fitzgerald
Special Counsel
Bond Federal Building
1400 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Special Counsel Fitzgerald:

Excuse my being so presumptuous as to send you this open letter, but the
latest revelation of the testimony, before the grand jury, by Washington
Post reporter Bob Woodward has raised some fundamental questions for me.
In your post as Special Counsel, you now have nothing less than
authority of the Attorney General of the United States, for purposes of
the investigation and prosecution of "the alleged unauthorized
disclosure of a CIA employee's identity." (The employee, of course, is
Valerie Plame Wilson, a CIA employee with classified status, and the
wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson.) On December 30, 2003, you
received a letter from the Deputy Attorney General regarding your
powers. On February 6, 2004 you received a letter of further
clarification, stating without reservation, that in this matter your
powers are "plenary." In effect, then, you act with the power of the
Attorney General of the United States.

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As one who does know something about the way Washington works, I hope
you will actually use the plenary powers you have been granted to
implement what I understood to be the announced policy of the Department
of Justice for which you work -- a zero tolerance policy for leaks.

John W. Dean, a FindLaw columnist, is a former counsel to the president.
Chris Keeley

"The One-State Solution"

TO: Distinguished Recipients
FM: John Whitbeck
Transmitted below is a very important article by Virginia Tilley. I delayed circulating it until I had finished reading her book, "The One-State Solution" (which was one of the other four books reviewed along with "The World According to Whitbeck" in a joint review of new books on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict published in The Economist last August). It is an extremely insightful book which I recommend highly to anyone who would like to be able to perceive and nurture some hope for a decent peace in Israel/Palestine in our lifetimes. (Like my book, her book is available online from
In propagating my own "Two States, One Holy Land" framework for peace (published 40 times, in various lengths and languages, between 1988 and 2000), I sought "to blend the practical and psychological necessity of a two-state solution with some of the best aspects of a humane one-state solution to produce a vision of a possible future so bright that both Israelis and Palestinians would be inspired to act on their hopes and dreams rather than their memories and fears and to seize the future together and make it a reality" (TWAW, p. 3-4).
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