November 2nd, 2005

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Dr. Zogby, prospects for any sanity with respect to the US' campaign to humiliate Syria and perform, at minimum, an "Iraq-lite" on that beleaguered nation are more remote each day. I refer, of course, to the 15-0 UNSC drubbing of yesterday at which even Algeria was unwilling to stand on principle.

Might you have been able to look into the below Der Spiegel report regarding Prosecutor Mehlis?
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The skepticism is also nurtured by the fact that the contact to Mehlis was initiated through the Syrian dissident Rifaat al-Assad,, an uncle of President Bashir al-Assad, who opposes the regime in Damascus. Sadik is supposed to have made his apartment in the Beirut suburb Chalda available for several preparatory meetings in which Syrian intelligence officers participated. Sadik himself claims to have collected information for Syrian Intelligence in Lebanon's Palestinian refugee camps.

The Syrian administration had already made a dossier with incriminating evidence about Sadik available to Western governments weeks ago, which was to show that Mehlis had been had by a notorious Syrian swindler.
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Court Nominee Has Free-Market Bent

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Okay, points taken. I'm suffering from blog fatigue. Blood sugar too low.
Must have lunch.
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How did you get the impression I had any particular animus against Alito
himself, CRP? He may well be OK although I doubt it--but the point I was
making is that Bush is packing the court with business-friendly free-trade
advocates and *that* is what the Democrats should be howling about. Since
the Democrats themselves believe in the free-trade mantram/bullshit though
it's not surprising they don't object to Bush giving the country to the

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By Molly Selvin
Times Staff Writer
November 1 2005

Although Samuel A. Alito Jr. has spent his entire legal career on the
government payroll, President Bush's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court
has a strong free-market philosophy likely to please corporate
America, legal experts said Monday.
The complete article can be viewed at:,0,523148.story

Visit at
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this administration engaged in actions that both harmed our national security and are morally repugn

GOP Angered by Closed Senate Session
Meeting Reopened After Two Hours

By Charles Babington and Dafna Linzer
Washington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, November 2, 2005; A01

Democrats forced the Senate into a rare closed-door session yesterday, infuriating Republicans but extracting from them a promise to speed up an inquiry into the Bush administration's handling of intelligence about Iraq's weapons in the run-up to the war.Collapse )
Rockefeller said Democratic requests for information related to the investigation are routinely denied or ignored, and he suggested that the Senate Republican leadership was under orders from the Bush administration not to cooperate.

"Any time the intelligence committee pursued a line of inquiry that brought us close to the role of the White House in all of this in the use of intelligence prior to the war, our efforts have been thwarted time and time again," Rockefeller said. "The very independence of the United States Congress as a separate and coequal branch of the government has been called into question."

Staff writer Shailagh Murray contributed to this report.
Chris Keeley

The Senate is authorized to have secret sessions by the Constitution.

Democrats Force Secret Senate Session
Democrats Force Secret Senate Session to Highlight Differences Over How Iraq Intelligence Handled
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Unable to win their way with votes, outnumbered Democrats used a rarely invoked Senate rule to force a secret session as a way to dramatize their assertions that the Bush administration misused intelligence in the run-up to war in Iraq.

"They have repeatedly chosen to protect the Republican administration rather than get to the bottom of what happened and why," Democratic leader Harry Reid said Tuesday in demanding that the Senate chamber be emptied of everyone but members and a few staffers.Collapse )
But it was the first time in more than two decades the chamber has been forced into a closed session without bipartisian agreement. The last closed session was in 1999 to consider the impeachment of President Clinton.

The Senate had been considering a budget bill when it went into closed session.
Chris Keeley

It’s a slap in the face to the American people that this has been – this investigation has been stym

Almost 1,000 Days After U.S. Invasion of Iraq, Democratic Senators Call in Secret Session for Investigation of Pre-War Intelligence
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
Democrats forced the Republican-controlled Senate into an unusual closed session Tuesday to question intelligence used by the Bush administration to justify the Iraq invasion. We speak with investigative journalist Robert Parry and Scott Armstrong of the Information Trust about how the CIA leak case indictment has highlighted questions about pre-war intelligence. [includes rush

The issue of pre-war intelligence remains in the spotlight with last week’s indictment of Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby over the CIA leak case. Shortly before forcing the closed session, Democratic Senate Minority leader Harry Reid said, "The Libby indictment provides a window into what this is really all about, how this administration manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to sell the war in Iraq and attempted to destroy those who dared to challenge its actions." He then invoked a little-used Rule 21 to request the closed session. Collapse )
SCOTT ARMSTRONG: Well, I wouldn't say “mediating,” as much as “facilitating.” What we're trying to do is make sure that the public can get its information, continue to get information that comes often from what they call unauthorized disclosures from leaks of national security information, but at the same time that we don't blunder into something where, as a result of an indiscrete reference, we end up doing something that really does damage the national security, really does allow a terrorist to do something. It's a delicate area, but it's rich in the sense that there are an awful lot of people in the government that would like you to have more information, and for a variety of reasons -- Bob mentioned one of them -- that puts a premium to hold things secretly. You can leak them selectively, but for a lot of other reasons, too, they feel unable to have these discussions, and so to some extent, we're trying to create mechanisms and feedback loops that allow there to be discussion between journalists and the national security community that's more candid
Chris Keeley

A National Security Agency historian has determined officers at the agency knowingly falsified intel

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stands to reap a financial windfall from the sale of flu vaccines.

Headlines for November 2, 2005
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
- Senate Democrats Force Closed Session on Pre-War Intelligence
- Report: CIA Conducting Interrogations in Soviet-Era Prison
- Addington Attacked Aide Who Cited Geneva Conventions
- NAACP Concerned Over Alito Nomination
- Bush Announces $7.1 Billion Flu Plan
- World Can't Wait Protests Set for Today
- Rosa Parks To Be Laid to Rest in Detroit

Collapse ) Yesterday Jackson called Rosa Parks "the mother of a new America."
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Golden Gate Bridge a magnet for suicides

Lethal Beauty / The Allure: Beauty and an easy route to death have long made the Golden Gate Bridge a magnet for suicides
Suicides by location. This data is based on The Chronicle's review of Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District records. Chronicle