Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

It's about the horrors of prostitution

Formerly Prostitutes Anonymous

Chris - I've been asked to be involved in an art exhibit in NY next year.
It's about the horrors of prostitution.  I'm not a photographer so I told
them I didn't have anything to contribute.  They said they would name the
exhibitation after a book I wrote - you can see more about it on

It dawned on me why reinvent the wheel!  You probably already have something
and I know you like doing exhibits.

Got anything interesting?

This is one of the films that will be there.  I'll be representing

jody this is about all I have
All Photographs + Text Copyright 2006 Christopher Keeley


Nadia Frey, 58, a New York woman who was shot to death amid whips, chains and cages, was a dominatrix, police said, an expert who offered fantasy bondage from "sensuous teasing to exquisite torments." She was found dead July 26 in her black-and gold-painted apartment.

Miss Frey -- who called herself "Mistress Hilda Pierce" and dressed in a black cowgirl outfit in sex magazines -- had been arrested three times on prostitution charges in Virginia and Washington since 1983.

Police said that her apartment showed no sign of forced entry and that their investigation included examination of her address book. The New York Post, citing a police source, reported that the book included the names of politicians and judges and that a police inspector's business card was found at the apartment.

Nadia loved Dunbarton Oaks.

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