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At the age of 36, Jon Sarkin was a chiropractor living a conventional New England life. Then he suffered a massive stroke. Though the debilitating aftereffects left him with double vision, slurred speech, and deafness in one ear, the artist within him emerged: today he creates elaborate drawings and paintings with images and words (and Tom Cruise’s production company has acquired the rights to his life story). Sarkin, the brother of V.F. features editor Jane Sarkin, makes art that brings to mind Jean-Michel Basquiat and Ralph Steadman. His work is featured in the prestigious Annual Exhibition at the DeCordova Museum, outside of Boston, through August 20; selected works can also be seen at the Earl McGrath Gallery, in Los Angeles, from July 13 to 18. Herewith, VF.com takes a look at some essential Sarkin. —JESSICA FLINT