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Photojournalist Martin Adler murdered in Somalia

Photojournalist Martin Adler murdered in Somalia 

Photojournalist Martin Adler murdered in Somalia

Award-winning photojournalist Martin Adler was killed in Mogadishu this week while filming a political demonstration. He was shot at close range by a single, hooded gunman. Mr. Adler often covered conflict zones alone, filling the multiple roles roles of writer, cameraman, producer, and correspondent.

Link to Photo District News story, here's a statement by Reporters Without Borders, here's a Washington Post piece about an ongoing inquiry into the attack. Link to statement on the website of photo agency Panos Pictures, and here is a small sample of his extensive body of work, via Panos.

At left: Image shot by Mr. Adler in 1996 of internally displaced persons in Sri Lanka seeking lost relatives. Link to details.

posted by Xeni Jardin

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