Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Sheldon Norberg

Progressive Drug Ed Quiz

1 What was the subject of the first Dragnet episode?

2 What psychedelic drug is produced by your pineal gland?

3 When did laughing gas become a popular party drug?

4 What drug was America founded on?

5 What company, built on a now illicit drug, was the first capitalist business in North Korea?

6 Which war did America win with secret hemp production?

7 How many deaths are attributed to marijuana annually?

8 What historic sporting achievement was performed by an athlete under the influence of LSD?

9 What drug was Sigmund Freud addicted to?

10 Recent government funded Ecstasy research indicated that one hit can cause Parkinson's Disease or death.
What drug was actually being injected into the lab's monkeys?


1 - LSD, 2 - DMT, 3 - 1800, 4 - Tobacco, 5 - Coca-Cola, 6 - World War II,
7 - None, 8 - Doc Ellis Pitched a No Hitter for the Los Angeles Dodgers,
9 - Cocaine, 10 - Methamphetamine

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