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Overdoses peaked between April 13 and April 19, when 105 people suffered heroin-related overdoses.

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dealers peddling heroin that they were calling "drop dead," "lethal injection," and "killer instinct" spread, police began to divert investigators from other parts of the city to work full time on a task force dedicated to rooting out the Fentanyl supply.

The Dearborn Homes housing project and a South Side house this morning, executing dozens of arrest warrants for street gang members believed to control much of the Fentanyl that has killed more than 60 heroin users in the Chicago area.

12 officers and agents launched "Operation Snakebite" by raiding the South Side house of an alleged ranking member of the gang.

Dearborn Homes is the heart of the Mickey Cobras' drug-dealing turf, and it was the location where dozens of fatal overdoses began in February. While the raid may not eradicate the presence of Fentanyl in Chicago or other American cities struggling with the epidemic of overdoses,