Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Erwin Olaf's mature pin-ups

Pride of appearance from an unexpected angle: "Cindy C., 78," one of Erwin Olaf's mature pin-ups.

Barbara Kruger

Two untitled works by Barbara Kruger, juxtaposing the emotional with the physical

"Angela y Siro," a photograph by Ouka Lele, in "How's Love Doing?" at La Maison de la Villette in Paris.

The resulting mosaic of images, while often specific to France, reflects the experience of other Western societies in which patterns of love have been altered by a host of new or intensified variables: feminism, gay and lesbian rights, H.I.V./AIDS, longevity, late marriages and single mothers, plastic surgery, fashion, falling birth rates, advertising, immigration and unemployment.

A photograph by Louise Oligny from her series "Stories Without Sound," focusing on the French unemployed, is in "How's Love Doing?," an exhibition in Paris.

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