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collection of Slovenian stamps

Posta Slovenije

collection of Slovenian stamps

An unexpected discovery through The Glory of Carniola was a very impressive and rather charming collection of Slovenian stamps produced between 1991 and the present, housed online by Posta Slovenije. Each stamp is annotated with information on the artist and background on the image’s subject matter. I find this resource all the more remarkable in light of the fact that besides not sporting a similar online gallery of US stamps of the past decade is inaccessible and buggy most of the time.
"The Golden Bird", Jelka Reichman. Stamp issued 24/03/2003. "Boletus", Bernarda Zajec. Stamp issued 06/06/1996.

"Pustovi", Milena Gregorcic. Stamp issued 20/01/2000. "Primula carniolica", Grega Kosak. Stamp issued 20/05/1994.

Another feature unearthed via The Glory of Carniola is a photographic collection of Balkan Portraits from 1906-1910 by Fritz Wentzel.
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