Addict (drugaddict) wrote,


Gabriella Cseh's photographs are traditional in the literal sense of the word, since they're black and white. However, in an abstract sense, they are anything but traditional.

Gabriella Cseh: Offshoot Gabriella Cseh: Offshoot

We might say, or rather, I might cautiously say that these pictures are mischievous, they are winking at us. There are moments when they are clearly laughing, but it's all the same. Joyous and somber. Modest and suggestive, capacious and narrow, but these too are all the same. In no way, or semmiképp, is there anything unusual about the locations where the pictures have been taken. Instead what's unique is the person who took these, who, even while capable of showing a thousand faces, remains the same. Wild and quiet, provocative, still, and restless, mature and child-like. Her pictures, however, are composed and coincidental, they are deft." 
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