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The art of Baseman and Biskup are acts of pervasion.

Biskup and Baseman joint show in Laguna Beach

Pervasion: The Art of Gary Baseman and Tim Biskup

June 18-September 24, 2006

The art of Baseman and Biskup are acts of pervasion. Pervasive artists, as defined by Gary Baseman, use every outlet at their means – art galleries, print, TV, film, lecture halls, and even commerce – to infuse their vision deeper into the fabric of contemporary life. The strength of Baseman’s and Biskup’s art is not based on where the art is seen, but based on the esthetic and message.

Compartriots for several years, and this being their first museum exhibition of showing together exclusively, Pervasion explores how both artists are at the forefront of blurring the lines between fine art, toy culture and other forms of media. Each has created unique characters that originate within densely packed imagery found in their paintings and sculptures, such as Baseman’s Toby, or Biskup’s Helper. These characters then become motifs that appear on clothing, in books, as toys, and even on animated cartoons. Organized by Laguna Art Museum, and curated by chief curator Tyler Stallings

fave artist Tim Biskup and Gary Baseman will share the gallery at Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, California, this summer. The joint show, titled Pervasion, runs from June 18 to September 24. The artists reception is June 17 with Baseman lecturing on July 30 and Biskup on August 6, both at 1pm

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