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Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald indicated Cheney could face questioning over his conversations wi

Weiner: UN Palestinians "Should Start Packing Little Palestinian Terrorist Bags"
Meanwhile, a New York Congressmember is claiming victory in his attempt to force the Palestinian delegation at the United Nations to leave the United States. Congressmember Anthony Weiner, a Democrat, successfully added his amendment to the bill banning aid to the Palestinian Authority passed earlier this week. Referring to the delegation, Weiner said: "They should start packing their little Palestinian terrorist bags." 

Cheney May Testify In Plame Case
The special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame leak case has suggested he may be calling a new key witness: Vice President Dick Cheney. On Wednesday, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald indicated Cheney could face questioning over his conversations with indicted chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby. 

Trial Begins For Abramoff-Linked Ex-Bush Admin. Official
Meanwhile, the trial of former Bush administration official David Safavian is underway in Washington. Safavian, the White House's former chief procurement official, is charged with making false statements and obstructing investigations into Jack Abramoff's activities. Safavian's case is the first to go to trial in connection with the Abramoff bribery scandal.

Sameeh Hammoudeh Released, Deported To Ramallah
And Sameeh Hammoudeh has been released from jail. Hammoudeh, a Palestinian living in Florida, was charged as a co-conspirator in the government's terrorism case against jailed Palestinian professor and activist Sami al-Arian. Hammoudeh remained in prison for months despite having been found not guilty of all charges against him. Hammoudeh was immediately escorted to the Miami airport for deportation to his family's home in Ramallah, in the Occupied Territories. His deportation came just two days before a court-ordered deadline that would have forced authorities to explain why they were keeping him in detention. Hammoudeh spoke to Democracy Now from his prison cell earlier this month.

  • Sameeh Hammoudeh: "Everything was fabrication. Everything was a mere lie, sad lies. This is what they did, and this is what they are insisting on doing to me and to continue my ordeal, only because I am a stateless Palestinian, that nobody is going to care about me, nobody is going to talk about my case. I am not a Christian. I am not a Jew. I am not a citizen of a powerful country that can ask about my destiny, about why the American government is abusing my rights. And I am very upset. I am very frustrated, and I think the American government now is taking the United States into a very dangerous situation, where they are violating everything that belongs to human dignity and to human rights. They are violating all the traditions of the United States. They are violating everything human in this life."
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